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Asians tend to have chubbier faces and there’s a bad side to it. While it means that we are less prone to wrinkles, we’re more susceptible to sagginess. And that, in my books, is just as bad. Well, life is fair.

Asian skincare tips

To do whatever you can to make sure gravity doesn’t work its (black) magic too quickly, simply be mindful of the little actions that you may go through not-too-consciously.

  1. Always protect yourself from UV rays. They’re the culprit for damaging collagen in your skin.
  2. Start age prevention skincare from a younger age. Our skin ageing accelerates from the age of 25, so don’t wait till you see your first sign of ageing before you decided to do something about it.
  3. Be gentle with your skin. When you wipe your face dry with your face towel, do it gently. Dab, instead of rub. And when you apply makeup or skincare products, dab, instead of wiping it on.
  4. Avoid making funny faces that involve tugging at your facial skin, especially your eye area. Expression also cause wrinkles. Think of a piece of paper that you keep crumpling.
  5. While hot water helps dissolve impurities better, it expands your skin unnecessarily (it also dries your skin). For the good of your skin’s firmness, use a good cleanser and rinse off with lukewarm/cold water instead.