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We’d rather sleep in a little more by saving on the time we need to get ourselves ready in the morning. It is important to step out of the house looking like you’ve put in a lot of time and effort dolling up, but this doesn’t mean you actually have to. With some smart tricks and inventive hacks, you’re going to speed up your morning beauty routine without compromising on the way you look.

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1. Organise your products

organised vanity table2

Just like a neat work desk, a well-organised vanity table is going to make your morning routine a lot faster because you know exactly where to find the things you need. Get rid of the products you don’t ever use, put the rest of your beauty products into shelves or boxes according to their function, and place the items you use closest to where your hand can reach.

2. Invest in multi-taskers

By this, we mean day creams with SPF (moisturiser + sunscreen) and lipsticks with moisturising qualities (lip balm + lipstick). This way you get to skip a few steps from your routine. Try these multi-taskers:

Benefit Air Patrol BB Eyelid Primer

benefit air control

This new product is an eyelid primer and tinted sunscreen (for eyes) at the same time. This means that this can be applied to achieve concealing effect, and at the same time protect your eye area from sun, smoke and pollutants, as well as keep your eyeshadow from fading or creasing. It retails at SGD51.

Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick

laneige serum intense lipstick

Ultra moisturising, this lipstick has a serum-like texture so there’s no need to apply a balm to prime your lips. It also has intense colours and high gloss, so your lips can look juicy and perky without the need for lip gloss. It also comes in 20 shades that you to choose from. It retails at SGD34.

NARS The Multiple Makeup Stick

nars the multiple

This is a multi-purpose stick that’s iconic to NARS, which can be used on your eyes, cheeks, lips, and even your body. Apply this creamy shimmer to create a radiant, glowing finish on your skin. It is also enriched with vitamin E and acai oil to offer antioxidant benefits. It retails at SGD60.

3. Stick to the same basic routine or products

Practice makes perfect. This is why you should stick to the same routine every day if you want to speed up the process. It’s definitely much easier when you are doing what you’re familiar with. This means to apply your foundation, fill in your brows, apply your blusher and draw your eyeliner in the same way every morning. However, you know we’re not advocates of sticking to the same look. Improvise your daily routine with a different shade of lipstick, eyeliner in an interesting colour, or even mascara in a funky shade. Your basic routine still remains the same, just switch up the colours of the products you use and you’ll achieve different looks every day. This editor tried this (see image above) and it really works.

17 eyeliner tutorials_coloured eyeliner option 1


Alternatively, use the same products but vary the way you wear it. The above example gives you some ideas to get creative with the same eyeliners.

4. Style your hair the night before


Want beach wave hair in the morning without spending excessive time with the hairdryer? Prep the night before. Before you go to bed, apply texturising cream into your hair and create braids. You can do just two or as many as you like; the more you make, the smaller your curls will turn out. The next morning, remove the elastic bands, run your fingers or comb through your hair gently to loosen out the braids – and voila! – you have natural-looking beach wave curls!

5. Plan the night before

You plan what you’re going to wear a day before if you have an important event that starts early in the morning, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your makeup? Visualise exactly what look you’re going for, and lay out the products you’ll need on your vanity table the night before. Trust us, you’re going to get your makeup done faster, and not risk being late to whatever you have to be punctual for.

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