For some, concealers are God-sent. It magically removes the appearance of dark eye circles, and not to mention the pesky zits that decide to take residence on the face – especially when you need it to look good for an event.

But did you know that there are different types of concealers for different purposes? Here are a couple of great ones that address your skin concerns!

1. For Severe Dark Eye Circles



Try: Make Up For Ever Concealer Palette

An orange concealer for you? We’re not kidding! Anything that has an orange undertone helps to counteract the blue tones that you often find when you have dark eye circles. When using an orange concealer, don’t panic! It will look orange upon application, but once you’ve put on your foundation, it blends in nicely. If done correctly, your dark circles will also disappear!

2. For Slightly Dark Undereye Area (not as severe as #1)

concealer_bobbi brown


Try: Bobbi Brown Corrector 

This salmon-shade concealer is a highly-raved about product, and like the orange concealer, helps correct dark undereye areas. The difference? Unlike the orange concealer that counteracts dark blue tones, this is great for slight blue tones and also can help make your eyes look brighter.

3. To Brighten Undereye Area, Conceal Blemishes/Discolouration

concealers_UD concealer


Try: Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer 

This comes in multiple shades, so depending on what shade you get, you can get one that works well for concealing and brightening the under eye area, that can also double up to cover up any pigmentation, discolouration or even blemishes. This is really a great multi-tasker for general concealing. If you get a shade that’s two or three shades lighter than your supposed concealer shade, you can use it for highlighting purposes. Not sure where to highlight? You need to read our highlighting makeup tips, pronto!

4. For Minimal Spot Correcting

M.A.C. Studio Finish Concealer


Try: MAC Studio Finish Concealer 

If you have normal skin, this is one of the concealers with highest coverage in the market that does a fantastic job in covering up spots or zits. It works well to counteract the blue tones under the eyes as well, but because of its formula, it can get quite drying, so go easy with the application.

5. For Regular Spot Concealing & Brightening Of Undereye Area

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

Try: MAC Pro Longwear Concealer 

This formula, on the other hand, is very runny, so it’s better than the previous recommendation for more regular use. Despite its texture, don’t underestimate its pigmentation! One tiny dot can pretty much cover any problem areas you may have under the eyes, around the nose, and even blemishes. It works well for the undereye area as it was made to be crease-proof. Many makeup artists and enthusiasts often use this to double up as an eyeshadow primer because of its ability to be crease-proof.

6. To cover blemishes for sensitive or acne-prone skin

Ettusais Acne Real Fit Concealer

Try: Ettusais Acne Real Fit Concealer

If you still want to conceal your blemishes but you’re scared that putting product on the blemish would further agitate it, try a medicated concealer. Ettusais has one that helps to calm the skin and blemish while still providing coverage.

7. To correct redness

NYX Concealer Wand HD Formula - Green


Try: NYX HD Photogenic Concealer Wand in Green

Nope, it’s not to assist in transforming you into the Hulk. Green tones help to combat redness! Blend it around the areas where you have any redness (usually this happens around the nose) and put on your foundation as per normal. It will tone down the redness instantly! Note that the Make Up For Ever Palette in #1 also carries a green shade that you can use for the same purpose.

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