A liquid lipstick is…

A very pigmented liquefied lipstick that applies like a lip gloss, but despite its name and the way it looks, a liquid lipstick usually dries matte. It comes in different finishes, lending various textures to lips and can make them appear fuller.

Did you know that lipsticks started out in the “liquid” form? Ancient Sumerians and Egyptians made the first lipsticks by crushing gemstones and bugs into liquid. Sheep fat (in England), wax and then eventually, beeswax were added for shape and form, to seal in moisture and act as a protective barrier. Liquid lipsticks were reintroduced in the 1950’s as a “modern take” on lipsticks. And boy, are we glad they don’t contain bugs anymore!


It is in every makeup bag nowadays because…

Liquid lipsticks have always been around for a long time, but you might notice it appearing everywhere in the last couple of years. They are recognised by their ultra bold and vivid colours, with a matte texture that applies without any tugging.


And of course, there’s Kylie Jenner and her blink-and-you-will-miss launches of her matte lip kits. The popularity of her liquid lipsticks have made liquid lipsticks one of the most sought after beauty products today.

If you are new to liquid lipsticks…


Tip 1: Exfoliate and apply (lots of) lip balm

Liquid lipsticks can give amazing colour payoff, but they are notorious for sucking the moisture out of your lips. To make sure it doesn’t accentuate the lines on your lips, prep before you apply by giving your lips a good but gentle scrub. (Try a homemade concoction of sugar and coconut oil!) Then, layer on your favourite lip balm. Do this the night before and leave it on overnight or as the very first step before you start your makeup routine, to give the lip balm time to work its magic on your lips.


Tip 2: Wear a lip primer

Reddit users who are familiar with liquid lipsticks recommend putting on a lip primer before dressing up your lips. Lip primer works just like a face primer – it fills up lines and keeps your lips hydrated and supple, making them the perfect canvas for lipsticks.


Tip 3: Be patient and careful

Liquid lipsticks are very pigmented, and because they tend to dry really quickly, there’s little room for mistakes. You need to be careful during application so that you don’t end up with a crooked smile. The trick: Divide your lips into different “parts” to cover at one time, and go really slowly. Make use of the sharper end of the brush to achieve precision.

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