As the big day looms closer, as a bridesmaid you might already have a ton of things to prep for. A fresh hair cut sounds great, but what if you’re pressed for time? To help you decide, we’ve curated a range of 10 hairstyles that’ll suit every hair length – be it a cute bob, or long wavy mermaid hair!

Also, feel free to personalise the look with pretty embellishments like flowers and headbands! We have previously taught you how to style your hair with flowers – open the article in a new tab to read it later!

Short Hair

1. Top Knot

Ladies with short hair, do not despair! While it may take some patience to braid or bun your hair, there are certainly convenient ways to do so. Starting with the easy-peasy top knot for a cute and versatile look. Depending on whether you’re going for a cuter or a more romantic vibe, you could either leave your bangs or a couple of wispy strands out. This hairstyle is also highly suitable for any hair length, so feel free to experiment until you find the perfect knot!

Things you’ll need: Elastic bands and bobby pins

top knot 1


Tutorial (starts from 04:45):

2. Crisscross Up-do

Moving from one easy hairstyle to another, the Crisscross Up-do requires slightly more skill as it involves some braiding. Not only is it a more elegant alternative to the top knot, it is also highly suitable for daytime weddings that take place in hot and humid Singapore.

If you have fine hair, loosening your braids after tying them up (step 2 below) can help give the illusion of having more voluminous hair.

Things you’ll need: Elastic Bands and Bobby Pins




Short 1


3. Waterfall Braid Crown

Alas, the fabled waterfall braid. This intricate hairstyle is wearable for most hair lengths (provided that your hair is not too layered), but it certainly requires quite a lot of skill. So, if you don’t get it quite right the first time round – practice, practice, practice! I assure you the payoff will be worth it!

Things you’ll need: Elastic bands/ Bobby pins, (probably) curling iron, time, and nimble hands

waterfall braid


4. For the Pixies

Not to be confused with the American alternative rock band, we are of course talking about the super cool hairdo made popular by the likes of Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence.

While we agree it probably takes a shorter time to prepare if you have such short hair, it takes a certain amount of practice to style it right. Not to mention, to find the right kind of hairspray/gel for you. But once you do get the hang of it, feel free to try on all types of hair accessories!

Things you’ll need: Hairspray, hair accessories


Medium-length Hair

1. High bun

The most versatile of the mix, medium-length or shoulder-length hair is probably what most of us get as an easy option at the hair salon.

But having too many hairstyles to choose from can be a burden as well. If you’re looking for one that combines the convenience of a top knot and the chicness of a bun, we present to you – the high bun!

Things you’ll need: 1 strong elastic band and bobby pins


Medium Hair 3


2. Low Bun

If we haven’t already tried it ourselves, we’ve probably seen our friends pull off this bun-style at formal events. Although this popular look complements wavy or curly medium-length hair really well, for those who lack poofiness or hair volume around the crown of your head – try backcombing. Before step 1, simply lift the top section of your hair to backcomb, before tying the entire section into a ponytail.

Things you’ll need: Elastic bands and bobby pins

Medium Hair 1


3. Twisted Fishtail Crown

Although this hairstyle looks like it seamlessly transitions from the side twists into the fish braid, it actually comprises of two parts. However, you have the option of snipping off the elastic band holding up the side twists after step 4 in order to achieve the look. we would certainly advise that you rope in a friend to help you with that. The more the merrier anyway!

Things you’ll need: Elastic bands


medium 4


Long Hair

1. Twist to the Classic Chignon

The go-to hairstyle for a polished look seems to be the classic Chignon, but there are in fact several ways to vary this timeless look. Especially for those with long straight hair, literally adding a twist to the look is a simple way to jazz things up. Alternatively, you could pin in flowers, or add a braid crown to the look!

Things you need: Bobby pins, and hairspray

long hair 1



2. Elsa’s side braid

For those who are Disney Princesses at heart, Elsa’s side braid is a very wearable option without going over the top. (Because you know, even though you’d like to be the belle of the ball, you’ll have to wait for your turn to be the bride.)

The first tutorial is easier for beginners, as it mainly requires braiding and some curling work. On the other hand, the second tutorial is more suitable for those looking to add some volume to the top before braiding. Spend some time experimenting with both to see which suits your skill level and time constraints best!

Things you’ll need: Elastic bands, bobby pins, curling iron, brush for backcombing

Tutorial 1:

Tutorial 2:

3. Old Hollywood waves

For those of you who are up to the challenge and ooze vintage vibes, Old Hollywood waves are the way to go! This definitely requires much more skill than the earlier hairstyles, and more caution from using the curling the iron. But check out those gorgeous waves!

Things you’ll need: Embellished barrette clip and curling iron