Nobody knows brows better than Benefit Cosmetics’ Jared Bailey; not when “Global Brow Authority” is his official job title. And with the brow guy in Singapore, we made sure to cosy up with him to pick up some brow know-how.


Top 3 most common brow mistakes?

1. Over-tweezing. Most women who try to D-I-Y their own brows don’t know where to find the perfect arch so what tends to happen is that they start too early, leaving a hook or comma-shaped eyebrow.

2. Not doing anything at all. Most women who have never had their brows done don’t realise what brow shaping can do. For anybody, no matter what your brow case is, a proper brow wax from a pro is the number one thing you can do to really open up the eyes and lift your entire look!

3. Try to shape their eyebrows according to trends. It’s always best to work with your natural brow shape and features when it comes to defining the brow. To follow a brow trend, layer on brow product to your natural shape to best suit your features.

Waxing, threading, or tweezing?

Waxing is the best way to get a really clean and defined shape.

Waxing leaves the brow shape super precise, whereas with tweezing, it’s difficult to grab all of the fine vellus hair growth.

With threading, you are often leaning back in a chair so the brow is not shaped to how it naturally falls. as a result, once you are upright again, the brow shape can be slightly distorted.

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What we’ve done at the BrowBar is completely different from traditional waxing – we do all brow waxing sitting upright so that your brows are shaped according to the way your face naturally falls. this leaves you with a natural, clean brow.

But is everyone suitable for waxing?


Nearly everyone is eligible unless you’ve recently had a chemical treatment on your face. Even then, you just want to wait a week or so before waxing – always consult with your local aesthetician at Benefit BrowBar to make sure you’re suitable for a wax!

How often should we be visiting a brow pro?

benefit brow bar singapore review

Hair grows on a cycle. For most people, four to six weeks is the ideal frequency to go into a BrowBar and have brows shaped.

Is the trendy straight Korean brows suitable for everyone?

It’s kind of like seeing couture dress on the runway. It’s not suitable for everyone, but there’s a wearable version for it!


The best way to start is to visit a BrowBar and have your brows mapped – our aestheticians will find the ideal start, arch and end to each brows. Then, straighten out the look of your brow by using Benefit’s Brow Zings’ wax and powder duo to create that straight “Korean brow”.

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Jared recommends Brow Zings to achieve the brow look you want.

What is one brow product you’re bringing along if you’d be trap on a lonely island?

Jared can't live without Gimme Brow.

Jared can’t live without Gimme Brow.

Hands down that one product is Gimme Brow. It has a unique formula with micro-fibres that mimic the look of real hair – bringing flat brows to life (even on a deserted island!) I would absolutely take that to a deserted island because eventually, I’d be rescued and when my rescuers see me, I would want my brows to be ON FLEEK!

Complete this sentence: Brows are…

…the most transformative feature on a woman’s face.