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Changing up your lipstick is an easy way for you to switch up your makeup look. With tutorials all over the Internet, we’ve picked out 17 that we think are worth a try! The tutorials range from wearable everyday lip looks, to the ones that you should probably just wear to a halloween party.

1. Popsicle Stained Lips

17 Lip Tutorials_popsicle stained lips


This technique really makes you look like you’ve just had a strawberry flavoured popsicle!

2. The Great Gatsby

17 Lip Tutorials_the great gatsby


Ever watched that movie? The red lipstick looked so perfect, and you wonder if you could ever achieve it. Well, now you can!

3. Glitter Centre

17 Lip Tutorials_Glitter Centre


It’s amazing how a highlight shade can change the look of a lipstick. Behold, poutier lips!

4. Perfect Red Lip

17 Lip Tutorials_Perfect Red Lip


If the Great Gatsby lips are too loud for your liking, try the classic red lipstick instead. It’s all about the application and unlike the Great Gatsby tutorial, you don’t need a darker lip pencil to line the outside part of your lips.

5. Kylie Jenner Lip

17 Lip Tutorials_kylie jenner


Everyone has been talking about Kylie Jenner’s lip combo (and the fact that she had plumped her lips).

DV Tip: Rumour has it that the perfect Kylie Jenner lip combo is MAC’s lip liner in Boldly Bare or Whirl, and MAC’s Faux Lipstick.

6. Ombre Lip

17 Lip Tutorials_ombre outer to inner


Similar to the Great Gatsby one, you can switch the colours up, but use the same technique. The ombre effect makes lips pop.

7. Matte Lips

17 Lip Tutorials_Matte Lips


This technique will be useful in making sure your matte lipstick stays put all day.

8. Juicy Lips

17 Lip Tutorials_juicy lips


This is another variation of the ombre lips, but as you can see, adding lipgloss makes a lot of difference! Look at how much juicier the lips look after applying lipgloss. it makes the lips look more luscious too.

9. Vampy Lips With Eyeshadow

17 lip tutorials_vampy lip with eyeshadow centre


Wait, what? Eyeshadow on your lips? Amp up your favourite vampy lip colour by adding a bronze eyeshadow to spice it up a little. You may not want to eat it, though! This is probably best for a costume party or an Instagram photo.

10. Dark Mauve Lips

17 lip tutorials_dark mauve


This is a good alternative to a vampy lip colour as is it’s not too dark of a lipstick colour, yet, it’s still bold and fun.

11. Purple Ombre Lip

17 lip tutorials_purple ombre


For those of you who are intending to go to a Halloween party (or if you’re just really daring!) dressed as a female superhero or an anime character, try on this lip look! It’s a mixture of a purple and a light pink lipstick.

12. Poison Ivy-esque Lip

17 lip tutorials_poison ivy


This writer obviously watched Batman and Robin the movie way too much when younger (despite it apparently being one of the worst Batman movies in history). Looking at this lipstick combo totally reminded us of Uma Thurman in that movie where she acted as Poison Ivy!

13. Reverse Ombre Lip

17 lip tutorials_reverse ombre


The usual ombre lip starts darker on the outside and lighter on the inside. But for this tutorial, it’s lighter on the outside, and darker on the inside, offering a different, and rather refreshing effect.

14. Natural Lip Pout



Perfect for every day!

15. Glossy Lips

17 lip tutorials_lipgloss


Just define your lips with a lip liner that closely matches your own lip colour, fill it in a little bit, and top it off with your favourite gloss.

16. X marks the spot

17 lip tutorials_x marks the spot


When putting on dark coloured lipstick, it can be hard to draw your cupids bow precisely. So here’s a tip you can try that might help!

17. Sexy Vampire Lips

17 lip tutorials_vampy


Add some fake blood by the sides of your mouth at a halloween party and you’re all set!