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Beauty doesn’t last; We blame it on the hustle and bustle, we blame it on our lifestyle. Before we know it, when you wake up one day and look at yourself in the mirror, fine lines and dark spots have come and are greeting you a not-so-good morning. So, let’s not just sit by and let these abductors of youth have an early entrance. Look through this checklist to know what to look out for in your 20s, 30s and 40s to keep those nasty signs of ageing at bay.

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In your 20s

Use a light moisturiser

Your skin is considered in the pink of health and minimal products are needed to retain that glow. Your lifestyle habits will be the main cause to premature ageing so watch that alcohol intake every now and then. Preserve that radiance in your skin by using a moisturiser that isn’t harsh on your skin. Remember, it’s all about maintaining and preserving.

Did you know?

Adverse reactions, such as redness and itchiness, are signs that the product you are using is too harsh for your skin. At times, over-secretion of oil and bumps could happen.

Try: La Mer Moisturizing Soft Lotion



This lotion from La Mer helps in both hydration and healing. Upon opening the cap, a soft moisturising gel is seen surrounding a soft lotion core, which delivers moisture immediately upon absorption. Ingredients such as Lime Tea concentrate and a combination of vitamins B12, C and other active ingredients are captured in soft lotion capsules that are found in the lotion core. This weightless formula not only hydrates your skin from within, but helps in soothing redness of the skin due to pollution and environment aggressors. This is available from August and retails at SGD430.

DV Tip: For those who find it a hassle to apply sunblock before heading out, use a moisturiser in the day with a broad SPF (SPF 30 and above).

Did you know?

Look out for serums or moisturiser that contain pomegranate extract (ellagic acid), vitamin C or grape seed extract. These ingredients can help to reduce the damage done to your skin due to late night drinking and smoking.

Go for the minimalistic nude look

Apart from the few pimples and blackheads that pop up every now and then, your youthful skin is likely to be in a healthy condition. So go ahead, flaunt that beautiful face! Opt for a nude look with a touch of simple contouring to accentuate your features. It saves you time on makeup removal too!

Try: Shu Uemura Nude Atelier collection

Shu Umera eye palette Shu Uemura Nude Atelier (Warm) (SGD98)
Shu Umera Colour palette coolShu Umera Nude Atelier (Cool) (SGD98)
Shu Umera colour palette NaturalShu Umera Nude Atelier (Natural) (SGD98)


Shu Uemera Eyebrow ManicureShu Umera Eyebrow Manicure (SGD42)
Shu Umera Eyebrow Manicure shadesShu Uemura Eyebrow Manicure Shades
Shu Umera stage performer invisible powderShu Uemura Stage Performer Invisible Powder (SGD60)

This beauty collection has a colour palette with four different pre-set shades that ranges from light to dark. The difference in texture and intensity in these colours helps in defining your eyes. In order to appeal to people of different skin tones, these pre-set eye shadow palettes come in three different editions (natural, light, dark) so there is something for everyone! Its eyebrow manicure offers three new shades that can be matched to your hair colour, which enhances your makeup to bring a natural finish. The double-sided brush consists of short and long bristles on each end to serve both application and blending purposes. Set your makeup and erase imperfections with the Stage Performer Invisible Powder. Its made up of a combination of two powders, to help pull off a lasting colourless finish.

Try: Burberry Cat Lashes Mascara

Burberry Cat Lashes Mascara

This lightweight formula has a cone-shaped tip to help create that cat eye look by extending the outer corner of your lashes. This comes in three shades: Jet Black No.1, Chestnut Brown No.2, Midnight Brown No.3 and will start retailing in August.

Did you know?

Your skin does its natural repair work at night so it is important to clean it thoroughly. Remove all makeup and use a gentle night cream before you sleep.

Introduce a simple eye cream into your skincare regime

Of course, it is not all sunshine and roses when it comes to prolonging youthful skin thus, it is advisable to take proactive measure to prevent the early signs of ageing. Use a lightweight eye cream to help prevent those fine lines from creeping in.

Try: Philosophy Eye Cream

Philosophy eye cream

Made from barley extract to help oxygen penetrate readily into the skin, giving a youthful glow to your skin. Not only does it help to visibly reduce puffiness and brighten the look of dark rings, it makes you look fresh and alert – what you should embrace in your 20s. This retails at SGD50.

In your 30s

Exfoliation is key

Skin in the 30s tend to look duller than before. Exfoliate your skin regularly with a gentle formula to eliminate skin-dulling dead cells that could make you look older than you actually are!

Try: Biotherm Wonder Mud

Wonder Mud - Packshot

A purifying mask that contains apricot stones to help in exfoliation. Wave those dull skin goodbye as this mousse aids in unclogging of pores and extraction of oil. And hey, it’s suitable for sensitive skin too! This retails at SGD59.

Did you know?

Your skin exfoliates naturally every 35 days in your 30s, unlike in your 20s where it happens every 13 days. Time to step up on your exfoliating game!

Nourishing cream and anti-ageing serum are recommended

Due to the loss of collagen (the one that gives your skin its plump look) and elastin (the one that gives your skin elasticity), expression lines will start to form and they don’t disappear as quickly as in your twenties. A nourishing face gel and eye cream can help to increase suppleness of the skin and keep those wrinkles away. Complement it with an anti-ageing skin regime to prevent your skin from losing its elasticity.

Try: Philosophy Face Gel

Philosophy Face Gel

Made from photosynthesised barley leaf extract, it helps in tackling against environmental elements. The tahlitian extract stimulates a natural detox process, leaving skin free from dryness and stay well-nourished. Elton, an amino acid derivative in the gel, helps to even skin tone and reduce brown spots. This retails at SGD52.

Try: SOTHYS Essential Ampoules

SOTHYS Anti-ageing-small

These concentrated beauty serums are specially developed to help deal with targeted skin problems (hydrating, oxygenating, brightening, anti-ageing). The anti-ageing ampoule contains hyaluronic ccid, which forms a hydrating and protective film on your skin’s surface. Not only does it stimulate collagen production, it also helps in restoring firmness into the skin. Every box contains Sothys ampoules and retails at SGD89 and are available at at appointed Sothys salons.

Bonus: KIEHL’S Smoothing Oil-Infused Haircare

kiehl's hair products

Over-exposure of the sun can lead to dry hair and unwanted tangles. Try Kiehl’s new smoothing oil-infused haircare to fight against frizzy hair. Its silicone-free formulas contains Argan and Babassu oil to restore moisture and protect hair from harmful rays. Achieve smooth and well-nourished hair with its shampoo (SGD41), conditioner (SGD38) and leave-in concentrate (SGD43).

In your 40s

Rely on a trustable firming cream

At this age, your aim is to add moisture and collagen-building ingredients. Wrinkles would have set in and your skin will start to be drier. Regular moisturising helps to reduce the signs of ageing and brightens your skin. The lower levels of oestrogen may cause your skin to start losing it’s tone and elasticity. As such, saggy skin and puffiness could be a common sight.

DV Tip: Look out for “peptides” in moisturisers! It helps improve hydration which corrects dark spots and brightens skin. Cleanse using a basic non-foaming, non-drying cleanser to help remove dead skin cells. You can also consider using a gentle face cleansing brush.

Try: Sulwhasoo Essential Firming Cream EX

Sulwhasoo Essential Firming Cream EX

Designed to enhance and rebuild resilience in your skin, this firming cream contains natural ingredients like goji berry, black soy and arrowroot. The presence of black soy amplifies the overall effect and injects vitality into your skin. This retails at SGD128.

Try: Chanel LE LIFT V-Flash


Firm up your face with this serum where an instant tensing feeling can be felt upon application. By smoothing the features of your face, it restores radiance and erases signs of fatigue. This retails at SGD148 and is available from 5 August.

Try: L’occitane Immortelle Divine Collection

Loccitane Divine Cream

L’OCCITANE Divine Cream (SGD183)

Loccitane Divine Youth Oil 30ml

L’OCCITANE Divine Oil (SGD178)

Loccitane Divine Extract


L’OCCITANE Divine Extract (SGD180)

This collection comprises of a cream, concentrated extract and youth oil. The oil acts as a good starter to the skincare care regime as its 100% natural plant-based oils gives minerals to weak skin cells. Complement it with the Divine extract to regenerate skin dermis in seven days. End it off with the Divine Cream to repair and protect your skin from signs of ageing. With its velvety texture, it aids in defining your face shape and giving it its healthy glow.

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