red lipstick

Do you know that men are more attracted to women who wear red lipstick? It’s also a very easy way for one to glam up a look. Prepare yourself for Valentine’s Day by arming yourself with sizzling hot lips in red.

Before you head off to get a red lipstick from the beauty counters, check out this guide to find out which shade of red works best on you.

If you have fair skin with peach/pink undertones…

Blue toned reds would look best on you. And this can range from really bright, to dark and vampy reds. red lips_Taylor swift


Your celeb inspiration: Taylor Swift
Your red lip colour: For the look above, try M.A.C’s lipstick in Ruby Woo. But, if you’ve read our article on our favourite Taylor looks from her 1989 album (Read this: 7 Looks We Love on Taylor Swift for the 1989 Album), she has on a dark red lipstick with a more dramatic eye look. For darker red lips, try M.A.C’s Russian Red.

red lips_russian red ruby woo


taylor swift blank space makeup 1

If you have fair skin with yellow undertones…

Whip out the coral or orange-based red lip colours!

red lips_jamie chung


Your celeb inspiration: Jamie Chung
Your red lip colour: M.A.C. lipstick in Lady Danger

red lips_Mac lady danger


If you have medium skin…

Dark red that are warm-toned will look great on you. For brighter red lips, bear in mind that they will look incredibly bright and loud against your skin tone. So, be sure to have the eye makeup to match!

red lips_jessica alba


Your celeb inspiration: Jessica Alba
Your red lip colour: NARS lipstick in Red Lizard

red lips_nars red lizard


If you have dark skin…

Opt for a warm, brick shade of red as that would complement your skin best. Using a bright orange, or a blue toned red can end up looking too overpowering.

red lips_beyonce


Your celeb inspiration: Beyonce
Your red lip colour: NYX Matte lipstick in Alabama

red lips_nyx alabama