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If you’ve ever walked into any drugstore, the makeup section of a supermarket, or – good luck to you – Sephora, you would know that there is a mind-boggling plethora of lipsticks out on the market right now. If you’re a makeup junkie like we are, we totally get that age-old dilemma of owning too many lipsticks but never quite the right lipstick colour for certain moods or occasions.

That same dilemma is also the reason why we couldn’t believe our ears when we found out that this Korea-made brand have begun selling curated boxes specially selected by renowned local makeup artists.

color me happy 1

Each of these makeup artists have had years of experience behind them, so we’re going to believe them when they tell us which colours are the best in creating certain moods or looks. The Color Me Happy Boldlicious HD and XPrecision Lips are available for sale individually on the Color Me Happy website, but retail at SGD 20 each, so this month’s special price of two lipsticks for SGD 30 (or a  lipstick + lipliner for SGD 25) for each lippie box curated by a renowned local makeup artist is a steal.

What look are you going for?

Elegant and feminine

The Cleo Chang Box

color me happy cleo chang curated box

Chances are, you’ve probably heard of Cleo Chang. She is the one of the most well-known bridal makeup artists in Singapore, and constantly receives accolades for her work. It is no surprise, then, that her curated lippie box aims to create a look that combines comfortable confidence and demure elegance.

Above, Cleo wears her chosen Lip Contour in Fuchsia Explosion to create flawless definition around her lips, and filling it in with the XPrecision Lips Summer Blush.

color me happy Lip Contour Fuschia Explosion

Lip Contour in Fuschia Explosion

color me happy XPrecision Summer Blush

XPrecision Lips in Summer Blush

The Cleo Chang Box retails for SGD 25 (this month’s special price) on Color Me Happy.

Prim and classic

The Jinnie Lee Box

color me happy jinnie lee curated box

Locally based Korean makeup artist Jinnie Lee has long been a great fan of Color Me Happy. She is the registered makeup artist at Leekaja Salon, and she specialises in doing makeup for weddings and fashion shows.

Despite her capacity to do stage-ready makeup, Jinnie has chosen the most classic combination for her box. She included the Color Me Happy Lip Night Repair Oil, because your lips can’t show off if they aren’t well hydrated and healthy to begin with. Top it off with the Boldlicious HD Reddest Rose lipstick, and you’ve got the most classic red lip that cannot go wrong.

color me happy Boldlicious HD Reddest Rose

Boldlicious HD in Reddest Rose

color me happy Lip Night Repair Oil

Lip Night Repair Oil

The Jinnie Lee Box retails for SGD 30 (this month’s special price) on Color Me Happy.

Mysterious and alluring

The Shirley Tan Box

color me happy shirley tan curated box

Contrary to popular belief, Asian women can also pull off sultry looks as well. We think that these two lipsticks curated by local makeup artist Shirley Tan will create lips that are understated, yet attention-grabbing at the same time. See how Shirley’s top picks look on Color Me Happy models, Vivianne and Li Houng, below.

color me happy shirley tan curated box 1

Having trained in the beauty centrals of Asia, Taiwan and Korea, local makeup artist Shirley Tan is more than qualified to tell us what lipsticks would flatter our Asian skintones the most. The shades she has chosen are Color Me Happy Boldlicious HD in Deep Choco (left model), a deep-red tinged with chocolate, and the Color Me Happy XPrecision Lips Subtle Mocha (right model), a slightly lighter warm nude shade to complement.

color me happy Boldlicious HD Deep Choco

Boldlicious HD in Deep Choco

color me happy XPrecision Subtle Mocha

XPrecious Lips in Subtle Mocha

The Shirley Tan Box retails for SGD 30 (this month’s special price) on Color Me Happy.


Bold and beautiful

The Candy Tiong Box

color me happy candy tiong curated box

Candy Tiong has had quite the career. She has not only been a professional makeup artist and stylist for more than 10 years, but has also successfully established her own makeup artistry brand that boasts of celebrity clientele.

Candy’s curated box consists of two lipsticks from the Boldlicious HD line, selected specially for their capacity to go bold. These highly pigmented lipsticks will deliver maximum impact with minimum fuss. Candy has chosen the Color Me Happy Boldlicious HD Reddest Rose, worn above, as well as the Color Me Happy Boldlicious HD Deep Choco, a darker shade which will seamlessly transition your look from day to night.

color me happy Boldlicious HD Reddest Rose

Boldlicious HD in Reddest Rose

color me happy Boldlicious HD Deep Choco

Boldlicious HD in Deep Choco

The Candy Tiong Box retails for SGD 30 (this month’s special price) on Color Me Happy.

Young and vibrant

The Adeline Lim Box

Having been the means of making so many brides look their best on their wedding day, award-winning local makeup artist Adeline Lim believes in bringing out your inner beauty for the world to admire.

The shades that Adeline has selected for her curated box are both vivid, lively colours that are sure to brighten up your face (see her wearing the shades in photos above!), and consequently your day. A happy person is always a beautiful person! Adeline has chosen the Color Me Happy Boldlicious HD in Fuchsia Explosion, which she wears in the above, and the Color Me Happy XPrecision Lips in Glam Red as her lipstick go-tos.

color me happy Boldlicious hd Fushia Explosion

Boldlicious HD in Fuchsia Explosion

color me happy XPrecision Glam Red

XPrecision Lips in Glam Red

The Adeline Lim Box retails for SGD 30 (this month’s special price) on Color Me Happy.

Curated boxes coming up next

The Valerie Tang Box

color me happy valerie tang

Valerie Tang of TangYong Makeup is an award-winning makeup artist. She has been featured in numerous wedding and bridal magazines, and has even been named as one of the Top 10 Bridal Makeup Artists in Singapore.

Curious to see what look Valerie is going to pick for her curated box with Color Me Happy? Stay tuned to Color Me Happy to find out!

The Susan Tee Box


color me happy Susan tee

Susan Tee, founder of Susan Beauty Artistry, is a locally based bridal makeup artist. Her training in makeup artistry has taken her to Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Thailand and Australia! Her aim for clients when it comes to makeup is to help them look their best, and to reverse time on their faces.

Think that Susan might be creating a look that’s perfect for you with the lippies she’ll be selecting? Stay tuned to Color Me Happy to find out!

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