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We love contact lenses for the convenience they provide, and also how some of them can accentuate the way our eyes look. However, wearing them also make us more susceptible to irritation from makeup. Enjoy makeup and care for your eyes’ health at the same time by following these tips:

1. Get the order right


Should you put on makeup first or contact lenses first? The order is important.

Always put on your contact lenses first before makeup. This ensures that you won’t be handling them with makeup-stained fingers. It also reduce the chances of the contact lenses coming in contact with the makeup you’ve already applied, e.g. them touching your lashes, and in effect, the mascara.

On the other hand, when you remove your makeup, remove your lenses first. Using a makeup remover before you take out your contacts can risk having the oils of the product stick to your lenses.

2. Stop applying eyeliner at the waterline

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While many YouTube gurus may advocate applying eyeliner on the water line (the area behind your lower lashes), this actually increases the chances for infection. Applying makeup on the water line allows makeup to get in the tear film, causing irritation and even infection. For contact lens-wearer, this risk gets even higher because your lenses becomes a “storage” for the debris.

3. Type of product matters

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Opt for cream products because powder has a chance of fall out, which can get into the eyes. If you have to use powder, prime your eyelids first so the makeup can hold on better. As for eyeliner, choose liquid over pencils, because the latter has a higher chance of cutting your eyelids.