Inspired by Korean makeup trends, everyone is going for the radiant, dewy skin look, because of how it makes complexion seem brighter and more moisturised. This explains the popularity of cushion foundation and other illuminating beauty products.

The only catch, however, lays in the searing sunlight and oven-like weather of Singapore – for excessive perspiration and over-exposure to sunlight could make dewy skin look extremely oily!

korean dewy skin look

Dewy complexion often seen on Korean celebrities like Song Hye Gyo can be misconstrued as greasy complexion, particularly worn in hot and humid Singapore.

If you’re a fan of the dewy complexion, but want to avoid looking like a greasy mess, here are five easy tips that can probably help.

1. Prep your skin properly

applying moisturiser

It is important to start with a hydrated canvas, and this means moisturising properly before you start applying makeup. It is a common misconception that you can opt out of moisturiser if you have oily skin. Our skin naturally produces oil and water, and having oily skin only means your skin tends to produce more oil; retaining water is still an important part of the healthy skin equation, and moisturiser helps you do exactly that. If you have oily skin, choose a water-based moisturiser that relieve parched skin. Hydrated skin helps makeup stay on for longer, and helps makeup look fresher – exactly how you want it to look when you’re trying to go for the dewy look.

2. Use a good application tool

Dewy skin is all about having that natural glow whilst avoiding excessive shine and cakiness; an issue that often results in a greasy-looking face is improper blending – where your foundation or BB cream is not equally distributed or blended. To prevent sticky situations (pun intended!), simply apply an adequate amount of foundation or BB cream on your face and blend the foundation using light strokes.

beauty blender use

DV recommends: One of the best tools that can help reduce shine and cakiness while giving you an effortlessly flawless finish is the Beauty Blender (SGD32, at Sephora). This tool helps blend out foundation evenly and when you use it right, it also ensures lightweight, airy finish.

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3. Avoid glitter or high-shine formula


If you’re applying highlighter to create the look of dewiness, take note to avoid formulas that have obvious glitter in them or produce a very shiny effect. These can be good for adding a touch of glamour when you apply it to the centre of the eyelids, they usually look very unnatural when you apply onto large areas, and can make your skin look oily. Go for subtly illuminating formula instead and consider creamy formulas instead of powder ones because they can help skin look more hydrated, and blend more seamlessly with your liquid foundation.

4. Apply finishing powder on problematic areas

Those of us with combination skin tend to get oily only in the T-zone. Solve this problem by strategically applying finishing powder on areas that oil up more quickly to reduce the look of shine.


DV recommends:  Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Loose Foundation & Finishing Powder (SGD33.92) for a natural-looking finish (click here for our review). This is available at Aster Spring centres. See list of locations here.

5. Blot throughout the day

To the chagrin of people with oily, combination or oily to normal skin, the unwanted shine is sometimes inevitable throughout a long day; particularly if most of the day is spent under direct sunlight. Excess sebum, however, can be curbed by simply blotting your face with a blotting paper. Just make sure you don’t over-blot, or it may strip your skin of its natural moisture! Be sure to do this gently as well, for friction may cause skin irritation and inflammation.