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Exfoliation is integral to a solid skincare routine and is one of the best habits to have if you want flawless complexion. However, many women struggle with this step because they either make mistakes when they exfoliate, or skip it altogether. We have the top most common excuses people make about not exfoliating, and of course, as we always would, we offer you some help to cross those hurdles.

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1. You forget to exfoliate


You generally need to exfoliate once a week, and this is where the problem is. While we probably have made it a habit to go through our morning and evening skincare regime every day, we may fail to exfoliate because it is one more step out of your usual routine.

DV Tip

Set a weekly alarm reminder for yourself on your mobile phone at around your bed time for exfoliation. Otherwise, consider investing in a scrub gentle enough for daily use so you make it part of your everyday routine.

2. You find it troublesome

Some find it a hassle to have to stand before the basin for so long to cleanse, rinse off, exfoliate, rinse off, and dry off. You’ll be surprised but small inconveniences can frequently hold us back from doing what is good for our skin.

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DV Tip

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3. Your skin feels raw after exfoliation

It could be that you’ve over-exfoliated (i.e. you’re scrubbing for too long) or that the exfoliator is not suitable for you. Usually, people who have this problem complain that exfoliation leaves their skin feeling raw or even looking red.

DV Tip

Make sure that you're not spending more than one minute exfoliating and if your exfoliator still makes your skin feel irritated, you might need to switch to something gentler.

4. Your skin feels tight after exfoliation

If you get a taut feeling on your skin that feels uncomfortable after exfoliating, you may feel discouraged to do it as often as you should. Nobody is ever “unsuitable” for exfoliation, chances are, you’re using a product that that isn’t suitable for you.

DV Tip

People with dry skin type should avoid using scrubs with beads in them. Instead, go for chemical exfoliators that make use of gentle acids to dissolve the layer dead skin cells on your skin's surface. But take care not to leave chemical exfoliators on for too long as well.

5. You don’t feel any difference after exfoliation

Seeing results is one of the ways that we can encourage ourselves to keep up with a skincare routine. Those who don’t feel any difference after exfoliation may give up on this step altogether.

DV Tip

Exfoliation is certainly good for your skin - all dermatologists would attest to this. Consider taking photos over a period of time to track improvements, to help you notice subtle changes. Otherwise, it could be that you need to change to a product that works better for you.


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