Who said girls with monolids can’t use eyeshadow?



Thanks to the internet, it’s so easy to find step-by-step guides on anything and everything one can think of- and that includes makeup tutorials! Up until Korean makeup trends surfaced, there haven’t been many eye makeup tutorials specifically for us Asian girls. Due to the shape of our eyes, the technique of using eyeshadow and eyeliner is slightly different for us.


Here are 17 eye makeup tutorials for Asian eyes that might be of help to some of you. Hopefully at the end of this article, you’d be more confident to whip out some eyeshadows and experiment!

1. Subtle Smokey EyeAsian Eyes Makeup 1


2. Dramatic Smokey Eye

3. Colourful Eyeshadow Look

4. Simple Everyday Eye Look

Asian Eyes Makeup 2


5. Sultry Smokey Eye

6. Plum Eyeshadow Look

7. Teal Cat EyeAsian Eyes Makeup 3


8. Cut CreaseAsian Eyes Makeup 4


9. Purple Eyeshadow Look (And How to Enhance Monolid Eyes!)

10. Bold Eyeshadow Look

11. Rose Gold Eyeshadow Look

Asian Eyes Makeup 15


DV Tip

Urban Decay's Naked 3 Palette has rose gold hues that would help you achieve this soft, romantic look!

12. Pop Of Colour, with a Cat Eye Flick!

Asian Eyes Makeup 16


13. Simple Eyeshadow Look

14. Bright Purple Duo Chrome Eyeshadow Look

There are other kinds of Asian eyes, such as deep set eyes and just regular almond shaped eyes. Below are some tutorials for those of you who have the eye shapes mentioned!

15. Cranberry/Plum Smokey Eyes

16. Green Smokey Eyes

17. Burgundy Smokey Eyes