Eyebrows are said to frame your face, hence it is of utmost importance that they are treated right! With so many brow trends and brow products out there, it’s no surprise that many of us are confused about how to get them right. Let’s see how many mistakes in this list you have committed.

1. Not grooming your eyebrows



Every masterpiece needs a good canvas. Before you even fill in your brows to create the shape that you want, remember to groom them to perfection — Pluck them, comb them, and shave them if needed. If you are still new to grooming your eyebrows, instead of shaping them, try to simply remove stray hairs and follow your natural eyebrow shape. Alternatively, you could visit a brow professional for your first few trimming sessions, and aim to keep the shape that she has created for you by tweezing away additional hair that grow out later.

2. Over Plucking

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Accidents like this can happen from time to time, and can be concealed with eyebrow products while waiting for the hair to grow back. To minimise such mishaps, try going through your brows with an eyebrow spoolie to help you identify which hair needs to be plucked.

3. Placing your arch at the wrong place

There is a “right” position for the arch to be at; get this wrong and you can look a little weird. To figure out where your arch should be at, try this method:

4. Eyebrow shape that does not suit your face

Eyebrow shapes

A full arch may suit a round-shaped face, but it may make a person with a square-shaped face look even more angular. To identify which eyebrow shape best suit you, you should first know your face shape. To find out your face shape and what suits you, click here.

5. Eyebrow colour that does not suit your hair colour

There is a simple science to identifying a suitable colour for your face: It’s dependent on your hair colour and its undertone. For a quick guide, check out this video.

6. Copying Cara Delevingne


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The model/singer/actress/style icon has a signature look that everyone wants — a set natural-looking eyebrows that look thick and full. Cara ain’t Cara without them! Unfortunately, not everyone can pull them off. (Not even Jennifer Lawrence!) But if you still want to create a look that’s inspired by hers, consider modifying it to suit your face shape and skin tone.

7. Squared Brows

"Squared" Eyebrows


Eyebrows that start with a square tip looks unnatural and make you look angry. To avoid that, use light feathery strokes to fill them in and remember to blend out with an eyebrow spoolie for a more natural look.

8. Being too generous

Less is more when it comes to makeup. Always start your brow makeup by picking up a little product and then increase the intensity gradually. This will prevent your brows from looking unnaturally harsh.

9. Skipping the spoolie

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Not blending after filling in your brows will make them look unnatural. All you need to do is to use an eyebrow spoolie and blend away! If you want to make your eyebrows more edgy and sharp, use a concealer to line the edges of your eyebrows to make them look neater. This not only cleans the look up, it helps highlight your brow bone and eyebrow as well!

10. Last but not least, please avoid such eyebrows!

Avoid this please!