We have often heard and read about UV protection, but have you ever wondered what do UV-A, UV-B and UV-C rays do and how do they bring upon premature ageing and sometimes also causing cancer?

benjamin button - premature aging

Benjamin Button: He’s not even 21 yet

UV-A Rays

About UV-A Rays

  • Basically the rays that cannot be seen
  • Able to pass through window glasses and light clothing
  • Always present, day and night, throughout the seasons
  • Penetrates beyond the first layer of skin


  • Cracks and shrinks the collagen and elastin thus causing the skin to start drooping
  • Blood vessels permanently dilated thus causing red/brown spots
  • UV-A causes cellular DNA damage due to free-radicals, thus causing cancer

How to prevent

  • Apply sunscreen with PA+++ even when you are indoors
  • Supplement your diet with antioxidants to combat free radicals

UV-B Rays


About UV-B Rays

  • Basically the rays that can be “seen”
  • Unable to pass through window glasses
  • Causes sunburns and tanning effect
  • Varies with the season and weather. The hotter it is, the more UV-B rays


  • Helps the body produce vitamin D
  • Causes cataracts. That is why people who are staying around the equator and at higher altitudes tend to have it
  • Causes tough, leathery skin and a coarse texture

How to prevent

  • Apply sunscreen
  • Avoid overexposure to the sun
  • Get a pair of shades with UV protection
  • Moisturise yourself frequently

UV-C Rays


About UV-C Rays

  • Usually does not reach the earth surface due to protection from the ozone layer


  • Antiseptic effect that kills bacteria and viruses. Used to disinfect air and water
  • Because of its ability to kill organism, brief exposure to it will cause sunburn, while prolong exposure may be fatal

How to prevent

  • Support the go green movement to rescue our ozone layer
  • Avoid space travel or a career as an astronaut, just in case.

Now you know about UV, it’s time to find out more about SPF and PA+++!

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