Did you know that you can get at least four to five uses (sometimes even more!) out of a pair of false lashes? Their longevity is dependent on how well you take care of them. If you have been shying away from getting them because you think they don’t last very long, follow these falsies maintenance tips that will give them more mileage.

1. Peel them gently off your eyes

apply false lashes
Use a pair of tweezers, or your clean fingers (if you’re more comfortable with them) and gently peel the lashes off your lash line. Be very careful not to accidentally pull off your real lashes! If you pull the falsies off too hard, you might pull off some of the lashes from the falsies and distort its shape. If that happens, you might be left with wonky falsies and it won’t give you the effect you want the next time you apply it.

2. Remove glue from the lash band

Falsies Maintenance_Peel Lash Glue
You’ll be able to see thick gunk on your lash band after you’ve peeled them off. Try your best to remove as much of the lash glue residue as you can – but remember to be gentle when you do this. Removing the glue will make it easier for you to apply the falsies the next time you wear them. Not only will the application process be easier (just like when you first used it), this will also help the lashes stick on better to your lash line.

3. Try not to put mascara over them

It’s advisable for you to put on mascara before putting on your falsies. If you use mascara to coat both your real and false lashes, chances are you might not be able to reuse them again. They will have mascara residue on it, and they will not give the effect you want it to like the first time you put them on.

4. Clean the lashes with an eye makeup remover and a cotton swab

Falsies Maintenance_Clean Lashes
If you prefer to apply mascara after you’ve popped on your falsies, it’s okay too! You just have to take the extra effort to clean the lashes with eye makeup remover and a cotton swab. Other than the lash band, don’t forget to clean out each lash thoroughly too. Treat them like how you would if they were your own lashes! Once you’re done, leave them to dry off in the case, and they’ll be ready for you to use the next time!

5. Put it back into their trays

Falsies Maintenance_lash tray
Most lashes come in the half moon lash trays. Once you’re done cleaning them, remember to put them back into the cases so that they don’t lose their shape. If the lashes you got have covers as well, great! Cover them up so that they will be free from dust. Don’t worry if your lashes don’t come with a tray and cover. You can easily get some inexpensive ones from places like Daiso for just SGD2!
Falsies Maintenance_lash case