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Getting a fringe that looks decent is already tough work in itself, but getting one that actually flatters your face and makes it look smaller is a real struggle that many people can relate to.

But is it truly impossible to make your fringe work for you? Thankfully, the hair experts agree that it may be arduous, but not absolutely impossible.

According to Michael Sparks, a celebrity hairstylist, softness around the face is key. In order to make your face appear slimmer, try to keep as much body and volume as possible. Tousled and wavy looks are essential, so avoid slick looks as much as possible.

To make things easier for you, Daily Vanity has compiled a guide to fringe styles that flatter different face shapes. All you have to do is find one that suits you, and then show it to your hairdresser!

Achieving A Smaller Looking Face With The Help Of Your Fringe

1. Cushion perm fringe

Best suited for: round, rectangular, and square faces


For the uninitiated, the cushion perm is actually a new technique of perming that gives your hair volume without curls – this is achieved by perming the hair at the hair root instead of the ends.

A cushion perm fringe is essentially perming your fringe so that it looks more voluminous, but without the defined curls that you normally associate perms with. This is the perfect solution for those who have flat thin hair, and want more volume so that it takes attention away from your face.

2. Centre-parted fringe

Best suited for: round and heart-shaped, especially those with a long T-zone and prominent cheekbones


This fringe style is a hot favourite among ladies in their mid- to late-20s, as it makes you look youthful without appearing overly childish.

The key to making this work for you is to make sure that your fringe, which is parted to the side, curls above the top of the ear. This layering covers your cheekbones and also makes your T-zone look shorter – a longer T-zone can make you look older and more mature, which is why you’ll find that this fringe style can actually take years off your actual age!

3. S-curl fringe

Best suited for: round, rectangular, and square faces


If your jaw is wider or more angular, the line of vision usually falls on the lower half of your face. Hence, you can bring the balance back by getting a fringe that takes attention away from your jaw.

That being said, you don’t want to look too top-heavy either as it would give the overall appearance of a larger head and face, which is why a simple S-curled fringe on one side of your face will do just the trick.

4. Long wavy fringe

Best suited for: round, rectangular, and square faces, especially those with a large jaw


This is a hairstyle that anyone can easily pull off, but works best for those who want to cover their more prominent jawlines.

What differentiates this long wavy fringe from other similar fringe styles is that it should look wispier, which is why it is also commonly called the “dragon beard” fringe in Chinese. You can wear this with a low ponytail or with your hair let down and tucked behind your ears, but make sure your wavy fringe extends beyond your chin so that it can frame your face.

5. French fringe

Best suited for: rectangular and square faces


The French fringe, otherwise known as French-girl bangs, is the predecessor of the Korean airy bangs. This fringe style remains a chic classic for those with angular face shapes, as the light volume of the hair softens the angles of your face.

In comparison to heavy blunt bangs, the French fringe is a light alternative that you can wear in Singapore’s hot weather without worrying about your sweat making it look and feel gross. You don’t have to spend your mornings curling your fringe either – keep it naturally airy by getting it layered cut.

While you’re cutting down on the volume of your fringe, make sure not to cut it too short! If you don’t want to have to trim your fringe too often, cut it to just right below your eyebrow.

6. Hippie perm bangs

Best suited for: heart-shaped faces


Teddy bear curls were all the rage in Korea last year, but if you’re not a fan of the tight and small curls, here’s some good news for you: bigger curls are now in fashion, and they look just as fashionable as their predecessors!

The hippie perm lies somewhere in between the S-curl and teddy bear curls: small enough to add personality, but big enough to add volume. You don’t even have to perm your whole head either – pairing a curly fringe with wavy hair is a chic look that many Korean celebs are sporting!

Note: The smaller curls can take attention away from your facial features, which is why hairstylists recommend only those with sharper features and more defined face shapes attempt this.

7. Micro fringe

Best suited for: long faces, especially those with high foreheads


Blunt bangs are often favoured by those who are looking to cover their high foreheads and create the illusion of a smaller face.

However, if you want a cute twist on the conventional style or simply cannot maintain it in Singapore’s climate, feel free to try something that requires a little less maintenance: a micro fringe!

8. Build perm fringe

Best suited for: heart-shaped, diamond-shaped, and triangular faces, especially those with prominent cheekbones


The downside of having a sharper and/or smaller chin is that you tend to look ‘top-heavy’, so you need a hairstyle that can correct the balance.

This is a variation of the Korean digital perm that features a mixture of C-curls and S-curls to bring greater volume and movement to your hair. The S curls are best curled outwards right below your cheekbone and before your chin, so it the voluminous hair ‘fills’ up the space created by your sharp jaw.

9. M-shaped airy bangs

Best suited for: heart-shaped, diamond-shaped, and triangular faces


Similar to the build perm, the M-shaped airy bangs are best suited for those who have a sharper jawline and chin. The main difference is that this looks better on those with softer face angles, as the fringe itself is meant to add definition to your face.

To form the M shape, the sides of your bangs should be slightly longer than the middle portion. You also have to be prepared to blow dry and style your hair everyday in order to get a nice M shape that frames your forehead nicely, or else you risk having it look flat and possibly even greasy!