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Men can’t understand why we open our mouth when applying mascara. Many women do that and claim that it helps us get better precision with our mascara wand. While we’re not sure if the “mascara face” really helps, here are some facial movements that can. Caution: You may look goofy following them.

Suck In Your Cheeks: Bronzer

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Want that chiselled high cheekbones look? Suck in your cheeks so you’ll know where exactly are the hollows, and use an angled brush to apply blusher to apply bronzing powder in an upward motion, towards your ears.

Smile With Only Your Cheeks: Blusher

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This may look like a rigid, fake smile (or a botox-ed smile) but it helps to show you where the highest points of you cheeks are. Apply your blusher along the areas that stick out most for a natural-looking flush.

Look At Your Nose: Eyeshadow

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To create a flatter surface for your eyeshadow, look down towards your nose and lift your chin up a little. This angle will immediately remove folds from your eyelids so your eyeshadow can glide on smoothly.

Tilt Your Head Back: Eyeliner

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By tilting your head back slightly, you can hold your eyeliner vertically and position it flat against your lash line. This ensures a tighter application that can make your lashes look thicker.

Give A Tight Smile: Lipstick

By smiling widely and tightly, you’d ensure that the lip colour covers every part of your lips – including between creases. The tight smile stretches out the lips so the area is smooth, and you can get a more even application, especially with a lip brush.