Bacne or back acne, can be a sensitive topic to some. Having bacne means that you’ll always have to be cautious about what clothes you wear and you’ll always have to think twice if you want to go to a beach and wear a bikini.

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  1. Why do we get bacne?

Why do we get bacne?

Your back is a hard to reach area (unless you have really long arms, or if you’re very flexible) so we always tend to wash the front part of our bodies, neglecting our back. Little do we know that there can be a lot of product build up back there! When you condition or shampoo your hair, the residue will typically run down your back when you’re washing it off. We concentrate so much on getting off the shampoo and conditioner off our hair, that we forget to wash the leftover residue on your back. Just like the skin on your face, the more product build up you have, the more likely you will get acne- in this case, bacne.

This video below will show you the steps you can take to prevent and reduce your bacne.

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