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As the adage goes: Trouble comes in threes. Where skincare is concerned, this rule holds true too. Usually, an individual doesn’t just suffer from a single skin issue; if he has dull complexion, chances are his skin also looks tired, suffers from fine lines, is prone to flakiness, and gets irritated easily. This also means he’ll look aged and tired. If you’re wondering why this happens altogether, here’s why: these are all signs of dehydrated skin.

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Why is hydration so important to our skin?

man applying moisturiser

Our skin is made up of mainly water and it relies on water to protect against external elements, and to retain its suppleness, glow, and general health. Having hydrated skin is the most important tenets of skincare; why else do you think “moisturise” is one of the three basic steps of skincare?

Dehydrated skin plagues both male and female skin alike, but because more men engage in outdoor activities where there’s exposure to the sun, and tend to pay less attention to skincare, the problem of dehydrated skin may be more troubling for men than for women.

But fret not, there are solutions.

1. Drink up!

drink water for good skin

Remember what you learnt in school? Drink eight glasses of water per day. This simple advice isn’t just important to general health, but is also a great tip for maintaining hydration of skin. In fact, you might have read the viral story about how a journalist started drinking three litres of water per day and saw a huge improvement in her complexion.

2. Skip long, steamy showers

men cleansing face

Hot water strips our skin of its natural oils, this is why your skin may feel tight and taut, or even irritated after a very hot bath. Use lukewarm water for both face cleansing and shower so that your skin’s moisture will be retained.

3.  Use a moisturiser

men using moisturiser

The moisturiser offers a barrier on the surface of your skin to prevent moisture loss. Its soothing texture also helps alleviate any dryness or flakiness on your skin caused by dehydration.

4. Boost your skin’s hydration level

men's hydrating facial

If you’d like to see obvious results in a shorter time, consider boosting your skin’s hydration level with a facial treatment that does specifically that. We recommend the HydraIntense Solution by Men Skin Centres. This targeted facial treatment uses hyaluronic acid – molecules that can bind water within the skin – to restore your skin’s hydration level.

Promising to increase skin’s hydration level, the HydraIntense Solution also purges away impurities and boosts skin vitality and elasticity – all important dimensions of healthy-looking skin. You can expect skin to feel supple and soft even after just one session. Each session costs SGD280 but hey, Men Skin Centres is offering a special rate of SGD88 just for Daily Vanity readers. Click here to redeem it!


5. Avoid air-conditioning

confident man

We understand that with our hot and humid weather, it’s difficult to not be in an air-conditioner room. But for the sake of your skin, avoid it as much as possible. Air-conditioning leaves the surrounding air dry, and the water from your skin will be lost faster than if you were in a room without air-conditioning.

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