A study based on the survey of 1,000 men shows that the first thing that draws the attention of a men of a woman is her eyes. This is probably contrary to what you may think – that a man is more interested in the feature that’s further down. But his gaze does wander down south next – we’re talking about the woman’s megawatt smile. This is followed by a glance at her breasts.

The next on the list are hair, overall weight, and then legs. This is followed by the dress sense, and then the skin.

However, the study shows that tall girls have their height noticed first, before the man focuses on her eyes.

Predictably, though, his gaze does wander south next, taking in the lucky lady’s dazzling smile before an appreciative glance at her breasts. Only then is our Romeo likely to notice her well-coiffed hair and consider her overall weight before eyeing up her legs.

For women, the same features – eyes and smile – catch their attention too. The third and fourth on the list are height and hair. Next: dress sense, weight, skin, face shape, bottom and nose, which is probably good news for most men, because it means you can invest in a good wardrobe to quickly improve your affinity with women.