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You’re not 17 anymore. Our skin, much like our experiences and values, evolve with age. If you have not changed the way you use skincare products, nor the products you use since 2005, this check-list is for you.

Do you double cleanse?

cleansing face


We may not have used makeup when we were a teenager, but we probably do now. This is why we have to get used to cleansing another time, after using a makeup remover. These steps are known as “double cleansing”. Whether you’re using a cleansing milk or cleansing oil, you’ll have to remove the remaining impurities with a gentle cleanser.

Have you swapped astringent for essence-toner?


When we were struggling with hormone-induced oily skin, astringents were our best friend. They help to control sebum and keep our skin matte. Now that we are older, and are likely to care more about hydration (to keep fine lines at bay), essence-texture toners are the way to go. Products that fall under this category? SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, Estee Lauder Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Lotion, and Biotherm Life Plankton Essence are some examples.

Besides being more hydrating, essence-toners also feel more comforting on the skin; we need a more sensorial skincare experience as we get more matured.

Do you have an eye cream to your regime?

dark eye circles 1

If you’ve never had an eye cream in your regime, it’s time to level up. Our eye area has delicate skin that’s thinner than skin on other parts of our face, and it’s where signs of ageing tend to show up first at. Protect this area with a hydrating eye cream to guard your skin against its first signs of ageing.

Do you embrace facial oils?

loccitane divine youth oil 1

It may seem crazy to apply oils on your skin when you were a teenager. But as you get older, your skin tends to get more dehydrated. Good facial oils are able to be absorbed quickly, leaving behind a soft, velvety texture on your skin. They’re also very nourishing, and is actually a great skincare product to try after 25 years old (generally), so don’t shy away from them!

Do you treat acne with creams for adults?


If you’re wondering why your favourite acne cream from your teenage years doesn’t work anymore, it’s probably because you’re too old for it, literally. Adult acne is caused by a different set of factors from teenage acne, and this is why you’ll probably be better off with a topical cream that’s designed specially for adults.

Are you going for monthly facial treatments?


Besides the fact that you have more disposable income now than before, it’s also prudent to indulge your skin with a booster once a month. The facial treatment doesn’t just perk up your complexion, it also serves as a regular “maintenance” exercise to clear up clogged pores and nourish your skin with skincare goodness.