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Foundation is like coffee some of us. It helps us “function” normally and look awake and alive even with a bad night’s sleep or when hormones are wrecking havoc on our faces. For some of us, we won’t mind skipping the mascara and the gloss, but never foundation.

While we love our foundation and have our own way of applying it, some habits that we might have developed unknowingly could be speeding up our ageing process. Gasps! Yes, you’ve heard us right. Here are common mistakes to avoid:

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1. Skipping the prepping process


While some foundations are described as hydrating and come with SPF, it is usually not enough. They are not substitutes for good ol’ skincare. Lack of moisture causes our skin to lose its radiance, and brings about other woes like fine lines, wrinkles and breakouts, which can sometimes be emphasised when you apply foundation. As for SPF, most foundations do not provide enough coverage. This is especially so for the powder ones. Made up of solid particles, they cannot cover our skin completely from the sun’s harmful rays. This is why you should never skip moisturiser and sunscreen before foundation application.

Tip: Make sure your moisturiser and sunscreen have been fully absorbed before applying foundation. This prevents streaks and caking!

2. Wearing the wrong colour

You won’t want a foundation that’s shades darker than your skin tone that makes you look too “orange” or too “grey”. On the other hand, a foundation shade that is too fair can wash you out. Both are going to make you look older than you really are. Always spend time to get matched properly at the counters to make sure you’re going home with the right foundation shade.

Tip: The right foundation shade should blend seamlessly into your skin tone such that it looks like you’re not wearing any makeup at all.

3. Stretching your skin when you apply foundation


Do you stretch your skin in order to get foundation into the crevices and contours of your face? Or perhaps you apply foundation with your hands in a downward motion, dragging down your skin? These practices can cause wrinkles in the long run. Instead, start with small amounts of foundation and apply it upwards and outwards. A Korean makeup artist suggests applying foundation in a V-shape (Cheek-chin-cheek) and then, tapping the remaining foundation into the skin on the inner and outer cheeks. This applies less foundation on the inner cheeks where skin is thinner.

4. Removing foundation in a haste

Young Beautiful Girl remove makeup by Cleansing Cotton isolated on white background, Model is a asian Beauty

For some of us, we can’t wait to hit the sack the moment we get home from work. We end up scrubbing the makeup off our faces really hard because we think that that equates to speed. But that’s not true and it can speed up the ageing process on our faces too. Instead, let your makeup remover sit on your skin for about 10 seconds or so, giving it some time to melt the makeup. Then, wipe it off gently with cotton pads or a soft towel.

Tip: No matter how tired you are, always remove your makeup at the end of the day. Leaving your makeup on while you sleep is a sure way of ageing your skin.

5. Applying too much powder

While powder is great for setting makeup to make sure that it wouldn’t budge later on, too much powder can cause your skin to loose the look of radiance, and instantly make you look older. Use a light hand when you apply powder to set your makeup, focusing only on areas that will typically oil up quickly. Alternatively, go for a setting spray instead of powder.


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