You’ve been getting your lash extensions done for quite some time now but something just doesn’t seem right. You expect them to look fabulous and fluttery, but they’re just… OK.

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Unfortunately, not all lash jobs (as we like to call them) are the same – some might leave you feeling with a major boost of confidence, while others make you feel uncomfortable in every sense of the word.

Here are 7 tell-tale signs indicating that it’s time to change your lash extension salon ASAP.

1. Brushing snags are bad


Good Lash Extension Service 1

If combing through your lash extensions causes discomfort or snagging, it’s usually a sign that too much glue has been used and that lashes may be clumped together at the base. Too much adhesive also means poor isolation of your lashes during application.

This can lead to damage to your natural lashes and breakages. Brushing your lashes with a lash wand should be easy even after doing your extensions, and should be something that can be done comfortably on a daily basis.

2. They hurt and irritate your eyes

Good Lash Extension Service 2

Be it during the extension service or after, the experience should be comfortable all the time! If your lash line feels tight (somewhat like a cord pulling), that is a bad sign that the extensions were excessively glued onto your skin.

As for irritation, it happens when the falsies have not been properly attached to your natural lashes. The natural eye movement will inadvertently cause the extension to squirm, twist, and turn, which in turn causes the lash to sit in every way that irritates your eyes.

The long tips start poking and irritating your eyes, and after a while, you might feel like ripping them out to give your poor eyes a break.

3. Your eyes feel like they’re on fire, the bad way

Slight eye-watering during application is normal, but alarm bells need to be ringing if you feel like chemicals or fumes are “burning” your eyes during or after the lash extension service. You shouldn’t be feeling excessive discomfort during the entire process.

This could be indicative that either the type of glue your technician is using doesn’t sit well with your eyes, or that maybe it’s just plain bad glue.

4. She didn’t consider the shape of your eyes

Good Lash Extension Service 4

One-length lashes, as we call them, are a huge no no!

This is sadly a common occurrence with lash extensions, when lash technicians who haven’t taken their customers’ eye shapes into account apply lashes that don’t quite fit your eye, or which doesn’t suit your face. To avoid looking like you’ve applied a cheap fake lash strip, your lash technician should be using a basic mix of at least three to four lash lengths.

Remember, lash jobs are never a one-size-fits-all kind of thing, and your lashes should meld beautifully to YOUR eye shape.

5. She makes it look unnatural

Brown Eye Makeup. Beautiful Eyes Make Up Detail, Eyelash Extension

A good lash technician will make sure that they trim the inner corner lashes down to size.

If you observe the curve of your natural lashes, you’ll notice that the ones in the inner corner are much shorter than the rest of your lashes. Again, this should be reflected in your lash extensions. When lashes are too long, it creates an almost fake appearance to your lashes, which screams of traces from a bad lash job.

6. She’s not even giving you a proper lash extension


Good Lash Extension Service 3

With beauty therapists nowadays terming anything and everything remotely lash-related as “lash extensions”, it’s no surprise that sometimes you’re not getting what you think you’re paying for!

Cluster or flare lashes are meant to be temporary and should never ever be applied with permanent lash glue. They’re too heavy and cause strain on the natural lash leading to breakage and infection. Not to mention, the look is not desirable.

Those terrible photos of lash jobs that remind you of spider legs? Yup, they’re probably cluster or flare lashes that don’t belong in the lash extension squad.

7. You can’t even get a week through with them

If your lash extensions look really droopy and wonky after just a week, it probably means that your technician has cut corners in the first place. Because of natural shedding, you lose lashes and if you didn’t have a sufficient amount applied to begin with, it can make your lash extensions look sparse and unnatural.

A good lash job (and of course, proper aftercare) will last you about 3+ weeks. Of course, to keep the ruse of beautiful, long lashes, refills are recommended every 3-4 weeks. However, do note that time between fills always varies on home care, your natural lash cycle and how many lashes you have to work with.

Previously, we’ve done a post about some tell-tale signs of a bad facial here, which you might also want to check out before embarking on a treat yourself kinda day.

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