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Nothing is worse than having your bangs at an awkward length- especially when you want to grow them out. If you let them go, it just doesn’t sit right, but you don’t want to cut it short again either. Here are five (incredibly simple) hairstyles you can try to style your bangs when you want to grow them out. We have curated videos on some of the hairstyles in this article in another one we’ve done, Easy Hairstyles For Each Day Of The Week.

1. The Twist

Grow Out Bangs_Twist


Just grab your bangs and twist them back. Pin with two bobbi pins, creating an “X” formation to make sure it’s secure. Voila! No more awkward bangs and you get the hair out of your face.

2. Braid and Pin

Easy Hairstyles_Braid and Pin

If your bangs are long enough, try this one. Just braid your bangs and pin it on the side of your head.

3. Rope Braid


This will work best for those of you who have really short bangs that you want to grow out. The technique to doing this is such that it will keep even the shortest hair within the rope braid itself, so that it won’t stick out or get loose during the day.

4. French Braid

Grow Out Bangs_french-braided-bangs


If you’re familiar with French braiding, this is a hairstyle you can try! Do a deep side part on either side of your head and French braid your bands across your head. Once you’re done, tuck the ends under the rest of your hair and pin it with a bobbi pin. You’ll have yourself a braided headband

5. Your Regular Headband

Grow out bangs_headband


Yup. Just your regular ol’ headband. Fret not, places like Lovisa and Forever 21 has so many pretty headbands for you to choose from. A tip would be teasing your bangs slightly to give it a bit of volume before you pull back all your hair with the headband. Be sure to give it a bit of ‘lift’ like what you see in the picture. If you have longer hair, you can try doing an updo just like in the picture that’s textured and has loads of volume.

Also, there are TONS of ways to incorporate headbands! Check these out:

Grow Out Bangs_Headband 2


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