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We’ve taught you 8 commandments of lipstick application and how to choose your lip colour according to your skin tone. Now, this will probably give you an insight to which lip colour you should be wearing to that hot date.

Researchers at the University of Manchester observes the eye movements of 50 men, who were shown a series of photographs of women. The study shows that these men lingered longest on the women wearing red lipstick (7.3 seconds), followed by those wearing pink shades (6.7 seconds). The shortest time spent? Those with bare mouths (2.2 seconds).

A French study seems to confirm this finding. The study showed that waitresses who wear red lipstick earn 50 per cent more in tips than those in other colours. The male patrons surveyed revealed that they found the waitresses in red more attractive.

Time to stock up on red lipsticks!