Do you experience days where your hair seems to have a life of its own, completely ignoring your attempts to will it your way? It happens to the best of us, but armed with this collated list of hair hacks, you’ll be sure you can tame your tresses from now on!

 1. Use bobby pins and a strand of hair to give high ponytails uplift

Love a high ponytail but often find it slinking down due to its weight? Try tying your regular pony tail, and wound a small section of hair round the elastic band. Secure it with a few bobby pins onto the elastic band.

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 2. … or use a butterfly clip underneath

For an easier method, you could try using a butterfly clip at the elastic band underneath your ponytail.

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 3. Overnight French braids for mermaid hair

Using slightly damp hair, tie a French braid and leave it overnight. Adjust the size of your desired curls by the amount of hair you grab per section while braiding. For girls with rebonded/naturally straight hair, this might not work for you.

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4. Overnight low bun for soft curls

Using the same theory above, tie a low bun (i.e. below your ears) overnight and release it the next day for soft curls that Lin Chi Ling is so known for.

2013 Spring/Summer Paris Fashion Week Beauty Loewe


5. Prevent rough after-swim hair using conditioner

To defeat the devil that is chlorine in swimming pools, coat your tresses with a layer of conditioner before the swim. Of course, try to use a swimming cap to keep all the goodness to your hair.

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 6. Spray clips with hairspray to make them stay

Girls with long, sleek hair would find this useful. If you often find your clips and pins (especially bobby pins!) sliding off your hair, coat them with your hairspray before using on your hair. The product’s sticky layer will give it an extra grip, and they can be easily washed off your clips with warm water!

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 7. Section your hair to blow dry to create more volume

For days where your hair seems limp and lifeless, try sectioning your hair into five sections: one on top and two on each side. Blow-dry them below the roots of each section; this will give each section an uplift and a more voluminous look.

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 8. Alternate between shampoos and conditioners for it to work

This might sound a little unorthodox, but experience has shown that alternating between different shampoos and conditioners for every wash helps it to work better. Try keeping two to three types of each product to have a different pairing for every bath in a week!

Image 89. Quick messy bun

For girls with layered hair and can never get a neat bun without using a whole lot of hairspray, try this quick messy bun! Tie your hair in a regular bun, and tuck the random strands sticking out under the elastic band.

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10. Use a hair band to tuck them all in

Messy hair, don’t care! Put on a hair scarf or hair band, then tuck the unkempt pieces of hair around it. You’ll achieve a neat and stylish ‘do in no time!scarf for messy hairSource