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Look at the beauty stash you’ve invested in and the amount of time you spend on grooming – are they mostly dedicated to your facial skin?

Chances are, you spend 90% of your time and money on taking care of your skin, and only 10% on the other aspects of your grooming needs.

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Take a pledge today to begin showing your mane more TLC! Luscious, shiny hair that looks healthy and silky can definitely enhance your overall appearance. After all, it appears right at the top of your entire body!
Try these tips to get your hair at tip-top condition – make yours truly the “crowning glory” that it’s supposed to be known for.

Balanced diet matters

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Hair has life; it grows, it dies. To maintain the proper health and growth of your hair you must consume healthy foods – just as a great diet helps with your physical health. Healthy foods like green vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and beans are great hair-loving goodies.

Oral multivitamins help

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If, because of your busy schedules, you find it hard to keep up with a good diet, supplement your nutrients intake with oral multivitamins. These can help recover the lack of essential vitamins for healthy hair. Vitamin E, B6, and B12 are great ingredients to look for if you’re looking to building your hair health.

Hot oil massage works

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Like a baby, your hair always cries for foods. Foods for the hair comes in the form of oils. Take one cup of coconut oil and microwave it for a couple of minutes to heat it up. Then massage it on the scalp. Scalp massage increases circulation and helps remove dead skin cells. Keeping your scalp healthy also reduces the appearance of dandruff. Take note that such massages should only be done at most once a week and you should cleanse the oil off thoroughly with a gentle shampoo after that.

Protect your hair

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Protecting hair from the intensity of sunshine is an important aspect to achieving healthy hair. Excessive sun exposure may break down the structure of your hair and leave it brittle and dry. So, always cover your hair using a scarf or hat, or apply a sun protection hair serum when you head out.

Hair products are a big factor


Look out for products that contain silicones and parabens. Studies have shown that extended usage of these products can cause damage to hair in the long run. Also, choose your hair products as you would your skin products – according to your hair needs. Consult an expert to find out your scalp issues and hair type so you can correctly purchase the hair products that are right for yourself.