You know what’s the fastest and easiest way to change up the way you look? Hair-parting! Parting your hair in a way that flatters your face shape will make you look better and younger immediately. Try it!

If your face shape is round

A slightly off-centre hair-parting will create the illusion of slimmer face. Keep your hair and bangs wavy, instead of straight too.

miranda kerr hair

Your celebrity muse: Miranda Kerr

If your face shape is square

Add softness to your face shape by trying a side parting. Make sure that the parting is not too heavy, and cover your forehead with some hair to help frame your features.

Olivia Wilde

Your celebrity muse: Olivia Wilde

If your face shape is oval

If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with an oval-shaped face, you can pretty much pull off any style. And since you can, try the centre-parting! This is a look that doesn’t flatter most faces, but can make you look younger, thanks to the symmetry it creates.

Jessica Alba

Your celebrity muse: Jessica Alba



If your face shape is heart

The parting that will look fabulous on you is a deep side-parting. This parting will help soften the look of your cheeks and makes your chin area look wider, to balance out the top part of your face.

Reese Witherspoon

Your celebrity muse: Reese Witherspoon