Your wedding day will see your hand getting so much attention that you will begin to wonder if it is actually a day for your ring. People will fawn over your ring, hold your hand and wish you well, cameras will zoom to your hand as your hold your husband’s, recite your vows, and even more during the ring exchange. The attention and focus is endless.

hand care tips for wedding ring shot

To prevent yourself from feeling self-conscious about your hands, make use of our tips and be free from all that needless worry.

1. Treat your nails well

Olive Oil Bath


If your nails are damaged, treat it to a warm olive oil bath every day for two weeks. This will help strengthen your nails and prevent them from breaking too easily. Also, kick that nail-biting habit. You don’t want your nails to look uneven and ugly on your wedding day.

2. Protect your hands


If you cannot get away from doing housework, protect your hands from harmful chemicals by wearing gloves. The gloves will keep the harm at bay and your hands will remain soft and smooth, perfect for your wedding day!

3. Eat right


Consume avocado, nuts, ground flaxseed, and evening primrose oil to get the right vitamins to keep your nails strong and healthy!

4. Exfoliate



Once a week, scrub your hand with an exfoliator to remove dead and dry skin. We may not realise it but our hands are some of the most overused parts of our body without proper care. Don’t forget to slather cream on after exfoliating!

DV Tip

Make your own scrub with honey and sugar for a cheaper scrub alternative.

5. Moisturise your hands


Massage hand cream into your cuticles, working your way through the entire hand. Keep a bottle of hand cream by your side and slather on the cream frequently.