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Christmas may be on a Friday this year, but it doesn’t mean the partying will stop on that day (we know!) As the year-end partying kicks in, and many of us may need to head back to work right after a wild night. Here are 3 tips on how to look like you are not hungover. How you behave though, is entirely on you…

christmas drinking

1.Use a cleansing oil

cleansing face 2

There is a good chance you didn’t manage to get all your makeup off (that is if you managed to wash your face before hitting the sack). Use a cleansing oil to give your face a thorough cleanse to make sure that you get rid of every last trace of last night’s smokey eyes.

2. Use cucumbers or tea bags

cucumbers on eyes

Apart from eye circles, another dead giveaway is to have puffy eyes. Use cucumber slices or tea bags to help de-puff those eyes before you head out. Inhale the scents from the chamomile tea bags and rethink your decision on being such a party animal. Remember this feeling of agony, though we are sure you will be at it again.

3. Moisturise heavily


After a night of heavy partying, dry and under-moisturised skin is another post-party symptom. Slather on moisturiser to your face to quench your skin from the amount of stress you have put it under during your night out. And if you have time, use a hydrating facial sheet mask as an SOS measure.

4. Conceal everything to death

conceal dark eye circles

We cannot emphasise how obvious it is that you have been partying late every night if you are going to turn up at work looking like a panda. During this period, concealers are going to be your best friends. Store a concealer in your party bag, you know just in case you forget your way home, god forbid. 

5. Wear some pink blush

The colour of death in your skin can be counteracted with some pink blusher. Pink makes your skin look healthier and more radiant, and helps you fake the look of a good night’s rest.