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muslim hari raya makeup

The humid Singapore climate, commuting from houses to houses and indulging in (usually oily) Hari Raya goodies prevent the makeup that we spent time perfecting in the morning from staying.

If you prefer not to constantly excuse yourself to touch up your makeup, and would rather spend most of your time with your family and friends this festive season, take down these notes:

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1. Prep your skin


Makeup glides on easier and last longer if you do your prep work properly. This means cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturising your skin thoroughly before you start applying makeup. You’ll find that this makes your skin a better canvas to work on too. For a complete guide on skin preparation for makeup, read our previous article!

2. Primer’s not redundant


It may be seen by a lot of people as a redundant step, but it can be the key to achieving flawless makeup that last a long time. Eyelid primers also help to make your eye makeup look more vivid. Here’s all you need to know about primers, and here is a list of top primers we love.

3. Layer is better

apply eyeshadow

Layering cream and powder makeup help them hold on to each other and last for longer. Consider applying a cream eyeshadow as a base, and layering a shimmering powder eyeshadow on top of it. You can also apply a cream eyeliner first, before applying some black eyeshadow with a brush along the same line.

4. Blotting helps

blot lipstick


To make lipstick stay, apply a generous layer of your favourite lipstick directly from the bullet. Then, use a tissue paper to blot your lips to create a stain. Apply the same lipstick onto your lips again, this time using a lip brush. This will help the lip colour last longer.

5. Set with spray

Beautiful woman applying spray  water treatment on face

After you’re done with makeup, set it in place with a spray. Hold it about 15cm away from your face and spray it evenly. Let it rest for approximately five to 10 seconds, then gently pat off the excess water with a piece of tissue paper.

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