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Brightly coloured hair in every colour of the rainbow dominated our Instagram feed in 2017. And it looks like this trend and its variants are not going to let up this year.

Having ogled at too many of these beautiful hair looks, we’re sure at some point you’ve been tempted to take the plunge too. If it has always been on your mind, this check-list will help you make the final decision.

1. Will it be accepted?


Consider the professional and social settings you’re in. Most of the time, if you’re a staff in an organisation that provides professional services, chances are, holographic coloured hair may not be accepted by your employer.

And if you’re in the midst of looking for a job and are not sure about the dress code of the companies you’re interviewing at yet, it is also advisable to delay your hair salon appointment.

Of course, if you’re very sure your employer is not going to like the idea of holographic coloured hair, you may exit this article and read other hair related stories we have for you. We’re sorry.

2. Are you patient enough to stay seated for hours?

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Congrats! It looks like you’ll have no problem keeping your holographic coloured hair and your job at the same time. Let’s move on to the rest of this check-list.

On dark hair, bleaching is a must in order to achieve the coveted holographic coloured hair. After bleaching, your colourist will apply the colours he/she has chosen to create the holographic effect. Most of the time, treatment also has to be done to keep your hair healthy-looking.

Depending on the length of your hair, this process is going to take several hours, and in some cases, maybe even half the day or more.

What this means is that you have to be ready to set aside lots of time on the day you’re doing this hair transformation. In fact, we’ll recommend that you take the entire day off, and remember to bring along a charger for your phone or other items that you’ll need to keep you occupied.

3. Are you willing to change your shampoo routine

Pretty Female Standing Back And Washing Her Long Hair

Since you’ve already spent so much time (and money) to achieve the hair of your dreams, you’d definitely want to keep it looking good for as long as possible. Unfortunately, the way you wash your hair has a lot to do with how long the colour last.

First of all, it’s advisable for you to wait for at least 48 hours after you’ve coloured your hair before your first shampoo. This is why we’ll recommend you to choose a day to dye your hair when you know it’s okay for you to skip hair washing for a few days. This probably means rescheduling your plans for an intense workout or to go to the swimming pool.

To keep your hair colour looking vibrant, you should also wash your hair less often; your hair’s natural oil also helps retain the colour.

Finally, use cool water to wash your hair. Hot water opens the surface of your hair strands, causing dye molecules to leave your hair. Consider showering with a shower cap on and then washing your hair with cool water in a separate session.

4. Are you ready to invest in a new hair care routine?


You’ll be dumping out all the hair care products you’ve been using all these while and switching to a range of new products – those that are formulated for coloured hair.

These products are usually more conditioning and make sure they are free from ingredients that may cause your hair colour to fade.

Hair bleaching and colouring are chemical processes that will definitely damage your hair. So it is advisable to be more conscientious with hair masking to repair your tresses. Holographic coloured hair isn’t for lazy women!

5. Is it okay if it doesn’t always look as fabulous?


While your holographic coloured hair is going to look magical right after you step out of the salon and in the next few days after the colouring, it will not always stay that way. In fact, from around the second week onwards, you’ll notice that the colours aren’t as bright as they looked when you first coloured it.

By the time it’s the fourth week, typically some of the colours may even fade to a point that they don’t even look like their original colours anymore. They tend to either look blonde or a dusty shade.

6. Do you mind being “addicted”?


And trust us when we say that hair colouring can be an addiction. After experiencing magical hair and receiving all kinds of compliments about it, most people won’t imagine going back to good ol’ black or brown hair for a while.

And it’s especially difficult to quit when your roots grow out and your hair looks like incomplete paint work. Instead of “touching up” the roots, most people would also rather go for a new colour altogether – since it’s now easier to do so when your hair is already bleached.

7. Are you willing to put up with some makeup dilemma?


Because your new holographic coloured hair is going to be the limelight wherever you go, everything else will have to complement it. And these includes outfit choices and makeup.

While you may be able to head out with no makeup in the past, you may find that the contrast between your brightly coloured hair and bare complexion too much of a contrast, and you’re more likely to invite comments such as: “Are you feeling unwell?” or “You look tired.”

On the other hand, you’re going to look absolutely polished when you put on a full face of makeup, but be prepared to also feel too over-the-top among your peers.