Many products in the market are known for being extremely good at resolving one skin concern. But what if we have multiple skin issues to address? What do we do? Here are some suggestions:


1. Find out if your problems are caused by the same factors

Oily skin often associated with problems such as pimples, enlarged pores and blackheads. Dry skin, for instance, may be why you’re seeing fine lines and dull complexion. Find out what is the cause of your skin issues and fix that factor instead of trying to target at all the problems.

2. Treat one problem at a time

If one problem is more serious than the other, consider treating one of them first. If you are unhappy with your pigmentation issues more than wrinkles, go on a brightening regime or IPL first to resolve it. After the concern improves to a level you’re satisfied with, then go on and resolve the other problem.

3. Simply aim for “healthy skin”

We can’t emphasise more about getting your basics right. Use the right type of cleanser meant for your skin type, and exfoliate regularly. Don’t forget to tone and moisturize daily too. Having sufficient sleep, drinking enough water and engaging in physical activities are also integral to healthy skin (and body). With your basics taken care of, you’ll notice that skin concerns you’ve been bothered with will all start to resolve by themselves.