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If you’ve invested in hair products beyond just the regular shampoo and conditioner – good for you! However, this is just a first step to gorgeous-looking hair. Where you apply these products are just as important. Did you know that just like how some parts of your facial skin is oilier, while other parts are more prone to wrinkles, your hair isn’t consistent throughout the strand. Whether you’re trying to care or style your hair, understanding how each part of your hair behave is important, so you’d know how to optimise product usage.

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What do you apply at hair roots?

This is where the hair comes out from hair follicles and is the part of your hair that’s closest to your scalp. This is where you’d want to concentrate on if you want healthier scalp, as well as more voluminous hair. Because of how close this area is to the scalp, which produces oil naturally through the follicles, take note that you should avoid products that are too oily at your hair roots. You should try these:

To care

Phytoapaisant+ Shampoo

Phyto Phytoapaisant+ Shampoo helps soothe sensitive scalp that’s easily irritated. This shampoo is to be used by massaging it gently onto the scalp.

To style

Luxurious Volume Volume Building Mousse

John Frieda Luxurious Volume – Volume Building Mousse can help make limp-looking hair look more voluminous. Focus on the roots to see instant lift.

What do you apply at mid-shafts of hair?

This area is most obvious to others, and is where you want to focus on to create the hair look that you want – whether it’s bouncy curls or sleek, straight locks. This is also where you’ll be applying your heat devices like curlers and straighteners to create the effect that you want. Try these:

To care

pantene color protect and smooth

If you have coloured hair, a colour-protecting conditioner can be used. The Pantene Color Protect & Smooth Conditioner can be applied on the entire mid-section of your hair. Avoid the roots.

To style

toni and guy heat protectant

Apply the Toni&Guy Prep Heat Protection Mist on your hair, to protect hair against damage and breakage caused by heat styling. Focus especially at the mid-shafts where your heating device is likely to go.

What do you apply at hair tips?

Your hair ends are where it’s most vulnerable to breakage and the look of dryness. They’re also the “oldest” so they tend to be the part that look most damaged. So take care of your hair ends by focusing on treating it for shine, strength, and smoothness. This is also the area you should pay attention to when you’d like to style for definition. Try these:

To care

extraordinary oil
Warm up the L’Oreal Paris Elseve Extraordinary Oil with your palms and apply it onto towel-dried/dry hair, especially the ends to treat dryness, as well as create the look of shine.

To style

marc anthony

If you’d like to keep your permed curls looking great, put the Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Curl Defining Lotion on your hands, then create spirals with your hair using your fingers for long-lasting definition.