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We face a huge dilemma. Our humid weather that brings about our mid-day grease on the skin makes us gravitate intuitively towards matte makeup. But the dewy makeup that’s made popular by K-pop stars is undeniably the hottest trend of the moment. How do we choose between them?

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The difference between matte and dewy makeup

matteMatte Finish
Powdery texture
No excess oil
Great if you have excessively oily skin
or acne-prone skin

dewyDewy Finish
Moist appearance
Reflect light
Great if you have dehydrated skin but
good for all non-oily skin types

So which should you choose?

We generally recommend matte makeup if you have oily complexion, but otherwise, dewy finish will work well. At the same time, it should also be dependent on your personal preference. Matte makeup gives a sense of sophistication, while dewy makeup looks fresher and more radiant. But either way, we have tips for you to ace the look, whichever you choose.

Makeup tutorial and tips for a matte finish

matte makeup look


Achieving a matte look is not difficult. Start with a well-moisturised face or primer, then pick powder products to layer on. Arm yourself with brushes and puffs, and always begin with a lighter hand, and pile on more product gradually. This is to avoid caking up the look. To prevent your makeup look from looking too one-dimensional, it’ll be good to add a touch of gloss on your lips, or a pop of shimmer eyeshadow on the centre of your eyelids. 

DV Tip

As your very first step, apply milk of magnesia to control oil secretion. (Unflavoured version please!)

Makeup tutorial and tips for a dewy finish

dewy makeup step by step


Going for a dewy look doesn’t mean you can forgo moisturising your skin. This helps to instantly lift up dull-looking complexion. Go for cream makeup but avoid having too much slick around the rest of your face, you would not want to look “oily”. Look at your makeup under harsh light or take a picture with flash to determine if it looks greasy instead of dewy. If it’s overdone, gently pat off with an oil-blotting paper or a tissue paper. We recommend finishing the look with a matte lipstick for contrast. 

DV Tip

Finishing off with a setting powder will destroy your dewy finish. Use a setting spray instead.
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