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Deciding to go for non-invasive treatments like a laser facials or fillers is a commitment that obviously require some serious thought. There are many aesthetic clinics in Singapore, all of them fronted by doctors that look credible and professional. So do you find the right one for yourself? These four rules should help you navigate through the list of doctors you may have already short-listed.

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1. Do your research

using the computer

The world is your oyster. Google, Yahoo, Bing or whatever search engine you use is there for you. Use it. While it is true that bad reviews are usually the ones that make their way around the internet, it will give you perspective into what to expect. You will also get a sneak peek into what others have expected and received, giving you either a piece of mind or bolting straight out of the door.

2. Get a referral

You're more confused than before after talking to her.

Ask your friends what they think of the aesthetic doctors they have visited. Most people are more than willing to share their experiences with you than you think. Besides hearing their testimonials, you can also see for yourself if your friend’s skin has really improved, or if you think the Botox that was administered looked natural.

3. Be with a doctor that is patient to answer all your questions


Make a first appointment with a doctor that your friends swear, and at that meeting, see how patient he/she is. Your doctor has to be patient up till the point where he/she will answer whatever doubts and questions that you have. Be upfront with your doctor about your concerns and what you hope to achieve, and make sure he/she is a listener as much as a consultant. An ideal doctor should make you feel comfortable, and also not over-promising results.

4. Ask to see before and after photos

As they say, the proof in the pudding is in the eating. Similarly, the proof of a doctor’s effectiveness is in the results. Rather than simply relying on stock images some clinics provide, ask to see before and after photos from previous or current clients. This will give you a better gauge of the doctor’s level of competence. Keep an open mind, but you should also note that photos can always be edited and lighting can always change a patient’s skin appearance drastically.

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