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Women plagued by acne and acne scars often find it difficult to apply makeup over their skin; it is difficult to achieve even coverage, and the skin often feels suffocated as a result of a thick application of makeup. Nevertheless, makeup application that can successfully conceal acne scars are not unattainable, with these five handy tips you should master.

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1. Start with well-prepped skin

wash face

Your skin should be cleansed, moisturised, and primed well before applying concealer. A good primer is important for smoothing out your skin and ensuring that the makeup and concealer stays on all day. It is also important to curb that urge to pop any pimples before the application of makeup, as this leads to a vicious cycle – a popped pimple requires thicker concealing, but covering the pimple with makeup could lead to an infection.

2. Choose the right foundation

foundation according to different skin concerns

Concealers are the most effective when applied on top of a suitable foundation. If you have oily skin, try to avoid heavily moisturising foundation, but opt for a mattifying fluid foundation. If you have drier skin, use a foundation that has hydrating properties. This will maximise the effectiveness of the concealer.

And yes, you should be applying concealer after your foundation!

3. Use the right concealer application techniques

It is recommended to apply concealer in a criss-cross motion, then use a tapping motion with your fingers to carefully blend the concealer. Avoid rubbing the concealer into your skin – this is the surest way to get an uneven application.

4. Always blot

After applying concealer, use a blotting paper (or a one-ply tissue paper) to gently blot away the excess makeup and oil on the face to achieve a natural finish. If you’re unhappy with the results, repeat the concealer application and blotting process until you achieve the desired finish. Always remember to apply your concealer layer by layer instead of slathering it on to avoid over-application.

5. Choose the right concealer

Lastly but most importantly, choose the right concealer. This is especially tricky for people with acne-prone skin, as it is essential to find a concealer that will not aggravate your skin condition. Here are some recommendations of products that wouldn’t aggravate acne:

1. Reflections Organics Mineral Cream Concealer

reflections mineral cream concealer

Reflections Organics is a Singapore-based brand that specialises in organic makeup. This concealer is infused with naturally powerful antioxidant oils, and its paraben-free formula will not clog pores and provides microbial protection. This concealer comes in two shades: Pristine (fair to medium skin tones) and Immaculate (medium-dark skin tones). It retails at SGD42 and is available at authorised retailers such as Ecorganics, located at 1 Thomson Ridge, or visit Ecorganics’ website.

2. Ettusais Acne Real Fit Concealer

This concealer contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ingredients that help prevent and soothe acne while concealing it for long hours. It also has a unique spatula applicator that is extra gentle to acne-prone skin. It retails at SGD36 and is available at all Ettusais counters.

3. IDS Skincare Spot

IDS Skincare Spot

IDS, an aesthetics clinic, has a fast-acting pimple treatment product that rapidly minimises the appearance of acne breakouts and reduces inflammation to soothe and heal skin. At the same time, it prevents excessive sebum secretion. It retails at SGD39 on their website. (However, the product is not available for online purchase in Singapore. Visit the IDS clinic to enquire.)

4. Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clearing Concealer

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clearing Concealer

Clinique’s medicated concealer promises to conceal as it heals, by helping to clear and prevent blemishes at the same time. It comes in three shades, including a green tint to visually correct redness of acne-prone skin. It retails at SGD34 and is available at all Clinique counters.

5. ORBIS Clear Day Care Base

orbis clear day care base

This oil-free base product by ORBIS isn’t specifically a concealer but has good concealing ability to cover imperfections with a soft-focus finish. At the same time, it contains anti-bacterial ingredients to help fight acne and excessively oily skin. On top of this, you’ll be happy to know that it carries skincare benefits to resist against recurring breakouts and care for rough skin. This retails at SGD25 and is available at all ORBIS boutiques.

Featured image from Jess Bunty.

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