The winged eyeliner look is one of the easiest ways to make your eyes look more energetic. It makes the eyes look larger and more sexy too.

It’s not difficult to pull off this polished look with Daily Vanity’s step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Apply eyelid primer and mascara (optional).

Step 2: Imagine your bottom lash line being extended. Using the bottom lash line as a guide, extend just outside your eyes where the imaginary line should be.

Step 3: Join the end of the line you’ve drawn towards the centre to three-quarter of your lash line.

Step 4: Open your eyes and check if the line looks fine.

winged eyeliner step by step guide

Step 5: Fill up the blank space of the lines you’ve just drawn.

Step 6: Extend the line from where you’ve drawn towards the inner corner of the eyes. Make sure the two lines join seamlessly. And voila! You got your perfect winged eyeliner!

Step 7: If you’d want to go for a slightly more glamorous look, or if you want eyes to look even longer, extend the lines slightly. But make sure it still forms a straight line with your bottom lash line. (Remember that imaginary line we spoke about in Step 2?)

Step 8: And if you want an even more sultry look, line your bottom lash line and water line as well! Make sure the line at the bottom joins the wing seamlessly.

And that’s it!

Bonus photo! One that shows you what difference winged eyeliner can make to your eyes:

winged eyeliner