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You know the scene from traditional drama serial: a woman finds out that her husband has been straying after chancing upon a lipstick stain on his collar. If only the guy knows how to remove makeup stains effectively!

Jokes aside, the more valid reasons why you’d want to learn how to remove makeup stains from fabric: makeup disasters such as your nail polish spilling over your carpet and your blusher powder going all over your Prada bag are very real situations that happen.

Avoid these horrific scenarios with these handy tips.

1. How to get rid of lipstick stains

how to remove makeup stains

You get home after a long day, and the first thing you’d want to do? Change out of your work blouse, of course. But as you get it over your head, your lips got it and there you have it – lipstick stains on your blouse.

The best way to remove lipstick stains from clothes is to use dish soap. Lipsticks are made of an oil base, so what you need is a de-greasing agent to dissolve the oily pigment. What else but dish soap is best at it?

Apply dish soap onto the stain, let it sit for a while, then rinse with hot water. If the stain is stubborn, repeat these steps till it comes off.

2. How to remove waterproof mascara streaks


The non waterproof ones are easy – warm water does the trick. For stubborn waterproof mascara, use your favourite eye makeup remover or dish soap (with cold water). Then, blot with a dry cloth until the stain is removed.

3. How to clean up powder spills

It’s been said that a woman’s bag is dirtier than a toilet seat because of the kinds of things we put in it. Now, we’re not sure if that statement is true, but we know we’re guilty of having powder spills from blushers, eyeshadows and foundation that sit at the bottom of our purse. A hot mess, for sure.

Use a toothbrush and a spot cleaner to get the stains out if your bag has a cloth lining. If it’s leather, use a damp cloth or baby wipes to do a thorough clean.

4. How to remove foundation stains

foundation stain

This may have happened before: You’re out in the sun on a hot day, wearing a white t-shirt, and your foundation finds its way around your neckline and made its home there. Or, perhaps, an awkward hug leads your friend to imprint her face onto your shirt.

If the fabric is cotton or poly-blend, consider using a clean toothbrush to gently brush it onto the stain. Apply a spot cleaner with a damp cloth, and then dab till the stain is removed. Rinse with water after that.

If it’s wool or silk, you may want to leave it to the expert in order not to spoil the pricey fabric. But add this to your NOT-to-do list: rubbing it. This can cause damage to the fibres.

5. How to get rid of nail polish spills

nail polish stain

What’s worse than a powder spill? We dare say, a nail polish spill. If an accident happen during your DIY manicure session, you’re going to need these tips.

Use a paper towel to soak up as much of the lacquer as possible. Blot instead of rub to avoid spreading the stain. Then, get an old cloth, add some nail polish remover to it and blot the area. After that, blot the area with dry cloth. Alternate these two actions till the stain is removed.