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You sleep adequately but your friends often ask if you had a late night or haven’t been sleeping well. Look into the mirror and you understand where they are getting at. Yes, the dark circles under your eyes are mostly responsible for that.

How to Get Rid Of Undereyes Dark Circles: Simple Home Remedies

Use Cucumber Slice

cucumber for eyes

Cucumber is one of the best and most extensively used remedies for many skin ailments including undereye dark circles. It works excellent in reducing puffiness around the eyes while refreshing your eye contours. All you need to do is to prepare two thin slices of freshly-cut cucumber. Afterwards, get in the bed and put the cucumber slices on your eyelids. Now, slowly use the slices to massage your eye contours, and then leave them over your eyelids for 8-10 minutes.

Cold Tea Compression is the Best

tea bags for eyes

Compressing cold tea bag over dark circles is another effective home remedy. Tannin in tea helps to moderate swelling and dullness under eyes. For best results, use a clod rosemary tea bag. To prepare the tea bag for this remedy, you should soak it in a cup of ice cold water for a few minutes. Then apply the tea bag under the dark circles. Massage it gently around the eyes just like you did with cucumber.

Pineapple and Turmeric Powder Paste

pineapple and turmeric powder

Sounds weird? Guess what, it is a proven home remedy!

A combination of pineapple juice and turmeric powder as a paste works amazing to alleviate undereye dark circles. You just need to take two teaspoons of pineapple juice and a couple of pinches of turmeric powder in a cup. Then mix them well. You will get a paste. Now, cover the dark circles with the paste carefully. Let it dry before rinsing off thoroughly.
Boost Vitamin K

It is seen that, deficiency of Vitamin K sometimes causes undereye dark circles. You may try increasing your Vitamin K intake if you are little more confused about your dark circles. Foods like parsley, broccoli and spinach contains potent dosage of Vitamin K

Daily Tips to Remember

• Never neglect eye cream in your daily regime.
• Wear sunglasses if you’re going to be exposed to UV rays to protect your eye area.
• Avoid tugging or rubbing at your eye contours.
• Reorder your diet list with fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure that you are taking enough vitamins and irons.
• Sleep is not just about quantity, but quality too. If you have trouble sleeping, considering drinking a glass of warm milk or giving yourself a massage before turning in.