Bestselling book, 7 habits of highly effective people, gives you the low-down on how you can become more efficient at work. Our list of habits shares the common, unknowing secrets of most women who have great complexion – we are sure some names are popping up now that you’re reading this!

1. They understand their skin

understand your skin

Our skin isn’t static – it changes, not just with age, but even at different times of the month. For instance, our skin is likely to become oilier around the time of our menstruation starts. These flawless women don’t just know their skin type well, but also know what products work for them, and what don’t. Therefore, they’re able to make discerning choices in their product investment.

How to be like them: Get a professional analysis of your skin so you understand it better. Find out how you’ll be able to receive skin analysis at one of the seven options we’ve shared.

2. They wear sunscreen – even when they’re indoors


UV rays are the number 1 most harmful factor that gives our skin problems like wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation. The UVA rays that are responsible for causing our skin to age can penetrate through windows and curtains, so these women know they have to guard against it even when they’re indoors.

How to be like them: Apply sunscreen religiously every day, and remember to apply a generous amount of it.

3. They remove their makeup when they exercise


Makeup mixed with sweat and other impurities can clog our pores and it doesn’t help that we tend to touch our faces during workout (e.g. to wipe away beads of perspiration), and we might be introducing bacteria to our skin. Clogged pores and bacteria make for a good recipe for pimples to appear.

How to be like them: Bring along your makeup remover and cleanse away all traces of makeup before you start exercising.

4. They are meticulous with cleansing


Cleansing may sound like the most basic step, but it is probably the most important step, and a woman with flawless skin usually knows this. This is why she makes sure no spot is neglected – places like the jawline and hair-line are typical spots people forget. She also practises double-cleansing (that is, washing with a cleanser after removing makeup).

How to be like them: Take at least one minute to cleanse your face and don’t miss out any important spot. Consider using a cleansing device (brands like Clarisonic, Olay, and Clinique carry them) to help with thorough cleansing.

5. They prefer water to soft drinks

drink water for beauty

Drinking enough water helps to clear our body system, and in effect, our skin. One writer tried it and showed her incredible transformation after drinking more water. Too much sugar intake, on the other hand, can accelerate the rate of glycation of our skin, which makes our skin look duller.

How to be like them: Always carry with you a bottle of water so you can constantly drink up.

6. They have an antioxidant-rich product in their night regime

good skin complexion

UV rays generate free radicals that age our skin. While sunscreen can protect our skin against most of the UV rays, to defend our skin against what our sunscreen failed to protect, use an antioxidant to fight against free radicals.

How to be like them: Vitamin C, E, and retinols are examples of common antioxidant-rich ingredients you can find in a lot of products. Look out for these ingredients in the products that you purchase, especially for your night regime.

7. They are not hasty with product application

gentle to skin

These women take their time with their skincare regime and make the effort to massage the products in. It doesn’t just ensure that the product can be absorbed properly, it also improves micro-circulation. Massages also have a lifting effect on the skin.

How to be like them: Sit down at somewhere so you can comfortably complete your skincare routine. Set aside time for your morning and evening regime. When you plan for your waking up and sleeping time, remember to buffer time for skincare.