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Do you know someone who always seems to have perfect, photo-ready makeup on? She always looks fresh, and her makeup never seems to run. Want to be like her? Here are seven habits she’s got that we can all learn from.

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1. She starts with a clean canvas

healthy diet

Everything begins from the inside, and shows on the outside, and she knows that well. She makes key lifestyle choices that allows us to see the glorious rewards – a clean and healthy canvas.

Here’s how we can be like her: Stock up on fruits and vegetables, and eat as clean as you can. If you fancy sweet drinks or alcohol, give yourself a magic number (three glasses a week, for instance) and on normal days, opt for plain water instead. We have heard this before: hydration is key for our bodies to repair its cells. Trust us, starting with a clean canvas is already half the battle won.

2. She builds up products by applying just a little each time

applying foundation for no makeup makeup look

What she understands is that the key to perfect-looking makeup is in the layers. She doesn’t slather on her products; she dabs just the right amounts gently. Building layer upon layer, she is patient and careful not to overdo any of the steps. The end result? Her skin is able to breathe.

Here’s how we can be like her: Begin with a clean face. Apply in the following order: your suncreen, make-up base, foundation, followed by a light (we repeat, light) dusting of powder. Here’s what we find helpful: At each stage, dot on the products in small amounts at a time. This controlled amount is buildable, bit by bit.

3. She invests in quality, not quantity

Our makeup-perfect friend chooses quality products as she understands that while she pays more at the onset, the returns are worth it. She builds up the layers of makeup she applies slowly (see Habit #2), which means that she actually applies very little of the product, and gets a lot more out of it.

Here’s how we can be like her: Avoid choosing without having first done your own research. Note down certain observations about your skin. When you’re out shopping for cosmetics the next time, match the features of the product to specific aspects about your skin. And always remember that while we can save that little bit on a purchase, it may not necessarily be better for your skin in the long run. After all, we believe, surely it is worth investing a little more in something that takes better care of your skin’s future.

4. She layers her products

matte makeup tips

She understands that cream and powder work differently but can work in synergy. While cream products tend to slide off easily, they give a smoother-looking finish; powder products may last longer on the skin, but can look cakey or emphasise fine lines. Her trick: dust powder on top of cream.

Here’s how we can be like her: Invest in both cream and powder products. You probably already know, applying a light layer of powder on top of liquid foundation helps keep your base makeup intact for longer. The same rule applies to your eyeshadow and blusher: apply some powder product on top of cream product will help prevent them from smudging.

5. She carries a handy kit with her

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Adapting to the environment is crucial to looking good in your makeup all day. She knows to bring along a mini makeup kit, so that touching up on the go is possible. This also helps her be ready for any situation that calls for a little more glam-factor, apart from the everyday photo-ready look.

Here’s how we can be like her: Buy small containers that allow you to keep just a pump or two of your liquid foundation on hand. This proves useful especially on rainy days when the humidity levels hit the roof and you may need to dab on a little foundation before attending that next meeting.

6. She’s not afraid to blot

The one key item in her handbag, apart from her lipstick, is her blotting paper. While tissue helps to absorb the perspiration, blotting paper is what she reaches for as it helps pick up sebum.

Here’s how we can be like her: Our skin secretes oil throughout the day, and even more so in a dry environment such as an air-conditioned room. Using blotting paper can absorb the excess oil much better than plain old tissue paper, and we simply need a think pocket-sized pack to save our makeup in the midst of our busy schedules. Picking the right tools helps us achieve our objectives better. Keeping our skin oil-free helps prevent makeup from smudging. It will also ensure makeup still look fresh after touching up.

7. She plans ahead

midday touchup

She always seems to look fresh, because she intentionally squeezes in moments throughout her day to keep it that way. She works hard at looking good, with a little planning, it’s possible for us to look as good as she does too!

Here’s how we can be like her: Got a moment before the next conference call? Hydrate with plain water, and then apply a dab of lip balm to keep your lips plump and juicy. Heading out to lunch after a three hour meeting with the boss? Don’t forget to factor in a second or two, to spritz some thermal water to hydrate your skin.

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