During this festive season, we are sure you want your lip colour to last throughout your party without constant re-application. We are not going to lie that your lip colour can stay the same as when you first apply it (unless you don’t eat or drink at all), but here are five tips we guarantee can “prolong” your lip colour!

party makeup

1. Preparation is key

lip prep

Lip colour longevity starts from the very basics. Before you even apply anything on your lips, use a lip scrub or lip exfoliator to ensure there are no flakes of dead skin. Then, apply a hydrating lip balm to moisturise your lips. (Tip: Choose a lip balm that is waxy instead of slippery; the latter will cause your lip colour to “slide” off the balm.)

2. Use a lip liner

lip liner

Define your lip shape with a lip liner. As lip liners are drier than lipsticks, they adhere better to your lips and keep them looking defined, even as your lip colour runs when you are happily digging into your year-end dinner.

3. Choose the right product

etude house color in liquid lips review

Lip stains literally leave a stain on your lips; once they are dry, they can last up to 12 hours – there is definitely no problem keeping them on throughout your dinner as they are so enduring they have to be removed using a makeup remover. Alternatively, try long-wear lipstick – these provide more coverage than lip stains. However, lip stains and long-wear lipsticks are very drying and thus not suitable for dry lips.

Also, try to go for a brighter and darker shades of colour; these last longer than softer shades because they have more pigment. You will also stand out more in a party, thanks to your bold and bright lips!

4. Apply lip colour with a lip brush


Always use a lip brush; there are small crevices on our lips that a lipstick might not come in contact with if you apply straight from the tube. A lip brush provides a better finish and helps your lip colour stay on longer.

5. Post-application ritual

lipstick post application


You need to set your lipstick, just like how you need to set your foundation! Place one ply of tissue over your lips and dust a translucent powder over the tissue with a brush. This method sets your lip colour without causing it to look dry and powdery. End off by applying another layer of lip colour. Conscientious preparation, application, and finish go a long way!