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Puppy eyes and cute ‘eye bags’? These are some of the distinctive features when it comes to Korean eye makeup. You’ve seen Kpop female idol groups such as Twice and Red Velvet do it before and may have wondered, “How do I do Korean eye makeup like that?”

The answer? Yes, you can, and it is actually not as hard as you might expect.

The following tutorial will teach you how to do Korean eye makeup, specifically for Asian eyes, and we’ve made it simple enough that even beginners can follow along.

1. Keeping the colours to a minimum

Doing Korean eye makeup is all about making your eyes look younger and brighter, but at the same time keeping it simple and achieving a natural look with only a slight hint of colour.

korean eye makeup 1

Source: Lu Ing

Most of the time, Koreans like to keep the colours on their eyes to a minimum. Korean eye makeup sees more neutral and natural colours such as brown or rose-pink that would complement their skin the best.

Brown is usually recommended for beginners as it is a fail-proof shade that is almost universally flattering.

After choosing a shade that is just slightly darker than your skin tone, apply them over the dotted area that is shown in the picture above. You can either use a brush or simply use your fingers!

2. Giving your eyes the extra pop

The next steps aren’t really specific to Korean eye makeup and can apply to any eyeshadow look, so beginners can really benefit from these tips.

Choose a lighter shade that has a slight shimmer and apply them over the center of your eyelid. This will let your eyes really ‘pop’.

korean eye makeup 2

Source: Lu Ing

To nail that Korean eye makeup look, apply the same colour below your lower lash line in the center, as shown in the picture above. This will give you the effect of having ‘aegyo sal’ or also known as cute eye bags, a look that is super popular in Korea.

Korean girls tend to make it a point to highlight their ‘aegyo sal’ as it will give others the feeling that they are always smiling. You can’t learn how to do Korean eye makeup without trying this look out!

3. Shading the three Vs

Using a darker shade of eye shadow, apply it over the outer corner of your eyelid following the shape of an outward-pointing triangle.

korean eye makeup 3

Source: Lu Ing

If you are using a brush, remember to always tap off the excess eye shadow before gently applying them onto your eye lid. Blend it well so that you will not have any harsh lines at the corner of your eye.

korean eye makeup 4

Source: Lu Ing                           

Repeat the steps for the inner corner of your eyelid and the outer corner of your lower lash line as shown above. These three regions are known as the holy trinity because by shading them with a darker colour, it will give your eye more depth.

4. Use eyeliner to get the puppy eye look

The next key point is definitely lining your eyes! As mentioned earlier, Korean eye makeup is about being ‘natural’. Most Korean girls prefer to use pencil eyeliners as it creates softer, more natural-looking lines. However, you can always work with other types of eyeliner you are more comfortable with.

While you can certainly choose to do a regular winged eyeliner if you prefer, the “puppy eye” look is now trending in Korea. To achieve this look, make sure the outer end of your line is slanted on a downward angle and extends slightly outwards from your eye. Pulling down your eyeliner guarantees an instant, innocent puppy eye look!

DV Tip. If you have oily lids, use a smudge-proof brush-tipped liquid eyeliner of a similar colour and go over the end of the eyeliner again. That way, you can ensure that your eyeliner will not smudge underneath your eyes, even for a long period of time.

Also try experimenting with the colour of your eyeliner. If you want to create a more natural look, use brown eye liner instead of black. Black eye liner tends to give off a stronger vibe and we are sure you will notice the vast difference when you switch up those colours.

5. Curling and applying mascara

The finally step is to curl your eyelashes and apply mascara! Before we do that, here is a simple trick that will make you look like as if you have fuller eyelashes.

Line your water line with pencil eyeliner as shown as the picture below. Pencil eyeliners will work best, since they are more smudge-proof and waterproof than gel and liquid eyeliners. This step is optional, but it is strongly recommended because it will give the impression that you have fuller eyelashes.

Curl your eyelashes with a suitable curler. Get a curler that works for you! Asian eyes tend to be less deep-set than that of other ethnicity, and if this applies to you, you may need to find a curler that has a flatter angle so it can hug the contour of your eye nicely. Brands that are famous for making curlers specific to Asian eyes are Shu Uemura and Shiseido.

Depending on the type of eyelashes you have, you can use a mascara that gives you more volume, length, or both. With a suitable mascara, apply it over your upper and lower lashes after curling your eyelashes.

DV Tip: You can try applying a lash primer or a mascara fixer before using before using the actual mascara! It will help to hold your curls and the mascara will last longer than before.

With this five simple steps, you have now completed the Korean eye makeup for beginners! We’re sure you’d agree that these Korean looks aren’t hard to achieve at all, but always remember that practice makes perfect!

Now that you’ve aced the Korean eye makeup application, you may also want to make sure you’ve nailed down the other Korean makeup looks and trends:

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