While eyelash extensions may sound like a dream to some for not having to pile on coats of mascara and falsies daily, it is an investment that can sometimes feel like a splurge.

But here’s one way you can get more bang for your buck: maintain them well so they remain intact and camera-ready for a longer time! Apart from finding a good lash artist from some of the best lash extension salons in Singapore, you should learn to maintain them properly. Read on if you’d like to pick up some maintenance tips!

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1. Use water-based cleansers instead of oil-based ones

how to maintain lash extensions - use water-based cleanser

Ditch your cleansing oil for a water-based makeup remover (for example, micellar water), especially around the eye area. Oil-based makeup removers may be effective in removing your budge-proof makeup in a single swipe, but it may cause the bonding agent of your lash extensions to dissolve and break down, and your painstakingly applied extensions to fall off more quickly.

2. Refrain from using mascara

how to maintain lash extensions - avoid mascara

If you love dramatic lashes, mascara probably sounds like a good idea. However, many mascaras can dry down and make your extensions brittle, causing them to fall off faster.

Removing your mascara at night may also loosen your lash extensions, as you’ll need to apply some force on your delicate (and precious!) lashes. Instead, choose a thicker or longer style of lash extensions that you know wouldn’t require more enhancement, so that you can skip mascara and head out as they are. After all, isn’t the point of doing lash extension to spend less time on makeup?

3. Comb them occasionally

how to maintain lash extensions comb your lashes

While this may seem like a no-brainer, many of us may forget to do so amidst our busy lifestyles. Try keeping your eyelash comb, or a clean mascara wand (buy a pack on Amazon for cheap!) close by and give them a quick and gentle brush whenever needed to keep them separated and extra fluttery.

Remember to switch spoolies regularly though, as bacteria may breed and cause an unwanted eye infection.

4. Change your sleeping position

how to maintain lash extensions sleep on back

Sleeping face down or on your sides can cause you to lose your extensions more quickly, due to the friction between your lashes and the pillowcase. Instead, try switching your position to sleep on your back, or buy a silk pillowcase like this affordable one or this luxurious (and highly raved about) one, to reduce friction, just in case. Bonus: silk pillowcases can also help you prevent the appearance of wrinkles and give you smoother hair!

5. Never remove them yourself!

how to maintain lash extensions don't remove it yourself

If a lash extension ever goes awry, never pluck them out yourself! Since lash extensions are stuck individually to each lash using a strong glue, picking at them may cause your own natural lashes to fall out as well, leaving you with a sparser lash line when you decide to remove your extensions in the future. Rather, keep your lash technician’s number close by for an emergency lash removal.

6. Curl them less often

how to maintain lash extensions don't curl them

Using a lash curler may be too harsh for your extensions, and may cause them to fall out when too much force is applied. Try out a curlier lash style next time to save your lashes and time, while looking even more glam, all without the use of a curler!

7. Resist touching them

how to maintain lash extensions don't touch them

Love your new set of lashes? We know it’s hard, but try to resist touching them, especially near the lash line as it loosens the bond between your natural lashes and the extension. What’s more, your fingers have natural oils on them, which may be transferred to your lashes and cause them to fall off more quickly.

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