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Eyeliner that smudges throughout the day is one of the most common beauty problems, and it doesn’t help that Singapore’s humidity adds to the smudging. A well-drawn eyeliner can elevate your eye makeup look and seeing it all go to waste by midday can be very frustrating. But before you get completely disheartened and swear off eyeliner, try these tips to make them stay in place longer, and read on till the end for six newly launched eyeliners we recommend!

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1. Begin with cleansed skin

This may seem obvious, but if your eyelids are prone to oiliness in the day, be sure to take extra effort in your cleansing routine to cleanse off extra oil from the lids. It may be leftover residue oil from your eye makeup remover the night before, or simply just sebum produced naturally by your skin while asleep.

2. Use a primer

A primer for the eyes work just like those meant for the face. An eye primer works as a base between your skin and makeup, and this crucial step gives the liner something to grip onto, allowing it to stay in place from morning till night.

3. Set it

Just like how you set your foundation, you can set your eyeliner with a eyeshadow in the same colour. Dip an angled brush into the eyeshadow of your choice, and press it over your drawn liner. You can also follow up on that by layering on a light dusting of translucent powder over your whole lid. This setting combination can keep your eye area from getting oily, and prevent smudging. If you really want to lock your eyeliner in place, you can complete the setting process with a makeup setting spray.

4. Choose the right formula

Last but not least, choose the right formula that works best for you. The best liner and setting skill in the world will still be futile if your chosen eyeliner is not compatible with your skin and your needs. Usually, waterproof and smudge-proof formulas are good options to keep a lookout for, as they can withstand Singapore’s humidity better. When testing liners in the store, take note of how it draws onto the skin, if it glides smoothly with the same amount of pigmentation throughout, as well as how long it stays on and how much it smudges when you attempt to rub it.

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