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Do you have too many beauty products sitting on your vanity table looking like an absolute mess? This post is just for you! We understand how we just splurge on one too many beauty products.

“I could really use this matte lipstick! Oh and maybe this lipgloss too!”

Sounds like you? Us, too!

Trouble really starts when you empty your shopping bags and ponder on how to fit your shopping haul on your dressing table. Fret not, here are 10 organisation hacks that will get your vanity area looking like a dream in no time.

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1. Re-organise with a makeup tray

Clear make-up drawers edited


Trays aren’t just great for storing files and documents, but make-up too! Similar to how you organise documents with table trays, organise your makeup according to their functions into different trays to make your vanity table clutter-free. Stay effortlessly neat with this simple solution! Hey, did we forget to mention that it is inexpensive too?

2. Align your items in Magna Pods

magna pods


This container storage piece comes in a row of three to five pods, depending on the width and circumference. Simply slide your lipsticks (and honestly, whatever cosmetic items) into the pods and a neat and tidy workplace is achieved. One thing that people like about these magna pods is the fact that it is transparent. Just one glance and you can see the different shades of lipsticks that you have. So yes, lipstick fanatics out there, this is definitely useful to keep you in check!

DV Tip: Not taking a fancy of the plain and simple exterior? Try decorating your magna pod with stickers and labels! Not only does it make it more pleasing on the eye, it helps in easy identification of your cosmetics too!

3. Give scent candle jars a second life

Scent candle jar edited


Don’t just throw that fancy candle glass away, repurpose it and give it a new life. Place your brushes and eyeliners and you will never need to fret about hunting for it in your make-up pouch. You might want to use decorative stones or coffee beans to put a touch of colour to it.

Do you know?

Coffee beans can be used to neutralise and clear your sense of smell if you have sampled on too many perfume scent. Consider placing a small jar of coffee beans on your dressing table if you have one too many perfumes.

4. Store your hair curlers in magazine stands

Hair organisation edited


That’s right, we are talking about magazine stands that you can find at your everyday bookstores. Keep those unsightly wires in check by placing your hair products (Straighteners, hair-dryers, curlers) in cut-out triangular magazine stands. The idea is to chuck and place it at the corner of your dressing table, simple!

DV Tip: Let your hair curler and straightener cool down before placing it back into the magazine stand. This will prevent the magazine stand from heating up and damaging its structure in time to come.

5. Put your eyeshadow pots in ice-cube trays

organized-makeup-pt2_3 edited


This is definitely a lifesaver for those who have just one too many pots of eyeshadow! The groove of the tray is more than suitable to store your individually packaged palettes. Wave goodbye to rummaging through your make-up box for that dark brown eyeshadow!

6. Have a movable dressing table

vanity cart edited


We all wish to have dressing tables just like a celebrity, with those big mirrors and large space. However, when space is a problem, we might not be able to afford to get a small dressing table or even having one at all. Why not consider having a vanity cart that is movable? Such trolley-like carts tend to have different sections, which is good for organising of your beauty products. Add in some labels and it will make everything just a tad bit easier. Besides it being a great organisation method, having a cart in place of a table also means you can do your makeup even when you are sitting on your bed or while watching TV at the living room.

7. D.I.Y with some magnetic strips

cabinet-magnets edited


Take advantage of the space around or behind your mirror! Head down to any hardware stall to get magnetic strips and attach to the back of holders. All you need to do now is just stick it to your mirror and you would have freed up space on your dressing table. Vary the shapes and sizes of the holders to make the area look less mundane. Talk about being innovative!

8. Use sweet stands not for sweets

candy stand for makeup


It’s like having a makeup buffet right on your dressing table. That’s right, we’re talking about using two-tier sweet stands to place your beauty products. From nail polish and perfume bottles to lipsticks and even eyeshadow pots, just drop it on the different tiers to keep things organised. it will be good to segregate the items and place specific ones on each tier to distinguish better. The more things you have, the more tiers you should try to have.

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