Happy Lunar New Year!

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Flawless makeup isn’t possible without a great canvas – that is your skin. One of the rookie mistakes that makeup novices tend to make is to neglect skin preparation before jumping into the makeup routine. Prep work only takes about 10 minutes and five steps, and doing it properly helps you have a better finish, makeup lasts longer, and makeup glides on more easily. So follow these simple steps before you begin your makeup in the morning:

Step 1: Cleanse


Cleansing removes away the debris and sebum that accumulate while you sleep. Making sure your skin is clean and fresh ensures that makeup isn’t mixed with any impurities and can glide on properly.

Step 2: Exfoliate


Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells that accumulates daily and sits on the top layer of your skin. Sloughing off this layer makes your skin smoother, and also ensures that makeup doesn’t cake up as easily. Note that if you’re exfoliating every day before makeup, choose a gentle exfoliator that is formulated for daily use. You can also exfoliate your lips by running a soft toothbrush over it to remove dead skin, to ensure that your lipstick can glide on more easily.

Step 3: Tone

good skin complexion

Healthy skin is slightly acidic, while cleansing products are usually a little more alkali. Toning helps balance your skin’s pH to get it to the optimal level, so that skin feels supple and ready for the rest of the routine.

Step 4: Moisturise

moisturise hands

Most people may not realise it, but moisturising is a very important prep step for makeup. Well-hydrated skin ensures that makeup look fresher and more impeccable on the skin, and also helps makeup stay on longer.

Step 5: Prime

makeup base

An often neglected step, applying a primer before you apply any makeup makes your skin a smoother canvas to work on. It also helps give your makeup more hold so it wouldn’t budge. Eyeshadow primer, for instance, also has the added function on making your eye makeup look more vivid.